Which factions could be added to RoR in an Archaic Iron Age dlc?

  • Arameans (Kingdoms of Aram-Damascus, Hamath, Bit Adini…)
  • Canaanites (Kingdoms of Edom, Moab and Ammon)
  • Colchian/Kartvelian (Kingdom of Egrisi/Colchis)
  • Medes (Median Empire)
  • Urartians (Kingdom of Urartu)
  • Carians (Kingdom of Caria)
  • Lydians (Kingdom of Lydia)
  • Philistines (Confederation of Philistia)
  • Phrygians (Kingdom of Phrygia)
  • Qedarites/Adnanites (Qedarite Confederation)
  • Yemeni/Qahtanites/Sabaeans (Kingdom of Saba)
  • [Scythians] (Scythian Kingdom)
  • Cimmerians [Scythians] (Kingdom of Cimmeria)
  • Gandharis (Gandhara Kingdom)
  • K a l i n g a (K a l i n g a Kingdom)
  • Kuru (Kuru Kingdom)
  • Magadhis (Magadha Kingdom, Nanda Empire)
  • Sinhalese/Elu (Kingdoms of Tambapanni and Anuradhapura)
  • Tibetans/Zhangzhung (Kingdom of Zhangzhung)
  • Yue/Baiyue/Yuyue (State of Yue)
  • Zhou (Zhou Dynasty)
  • Jomon
  • Cham/Sa Huynh
  • Aeolians [Greeks] (Thebes/Boeotian League, Thessalia, Smyrna…)
  • Athenians/Atticans [Greeks] (Athens)
  • Ionians [Greeks] (Ionian League)
  • Italiotes [Greeks] (Taras, Crotone, Neapolis…)
  • Siceliotes [Greeks] (Syracuse, Zancle…)
  • Spartans/Dorians [Greeks] (Sparta, Argos, Corinth…)
  • Illyrians (Illyrian Kingdom, Messapii…)
  • Thracians (Treres tribe)
  • Etruscans (Etruscan League, Campanian Etruria, Padanian Etruria)
  • Oscans/Samnites (Samnium, Volsci…)
  • Celts (Hallstatt and La Tène cultures)
  • Abyssinians/Ethiopians (Kingdom of D’mt)
  • Bantu
  • Libu/Libyans (Meshwesh)
  • Mande (Dia)
  • Nubians (25th Dynasty of Egypt, Kushite Empire)
  • Sao
  • Mayas (Tikal)
  • Zapotecs (Monte Alban)
  • Chavin (Chavin de Huantar)
  • Paracas (Paracas Candelabra)
  • Pucara (Pucara)
  • All of them!
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • Other(s)
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Additionally, how many of those civs would you like to see in such dlc?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
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To clarify, I know the term “Archaic Iron Age” doesn’t exist in historiography, but I thought it would make sense if we had era-centric dlc’s to have the Iron Age divided into several part. This one rhoughly correspond the Greek Dark Ages, Archaic Greece (thus the name) and Classical Greece in terms of time period, it starts with the Late Bronze Age Collapse and ends in the late 4th century with Alexander’s conquests, the fall of the Achaemenid and Nanda Empires and the Second Samnite War, leading to the rise of Rome, the Diadochi States and the Maurya Empire in the next period.

Among the civs already in game, Greeks, Persians and Assyrians are especially active in this time period with the Neo-Assyrian and Achaemenid Empires and the various Greek city states competing for hegemony. I know many people won’t like to see so many possible civs for a possible Greek split, but I think it’s appropraite for the period and I know that you know that other people will ask for SPARTAAAA! anyway.


What about the Hebrews/Israelites? The Kingdom of Israel (under the House of David) falls within the time period you’ve outlined, and they were even a regional power which surpassed both the Philistines and Canaanites.


Gosh, I can’t believe I forgot to include them even though I thought about it beforehand and they were in the Middle Eastern poll… Not mentioning it’s pretty much the only era in which they could make sense as a civ.
Editing the poll would make all the votes disappear and I already have 50 options anyway, so I guess if you want to vote for them you can still pick “Other(s)” ^^"


I wouldn’t split the greeks, but if I had to I would probably go for the 3 tribes/ethnic groups the ancient greeks divided themselves on, Dorians (mainly representing Sparta), Ionians (mainly representing Athens) and Aeolics (Mainly representing Thebes)


There are a lot of good options here, but for me, Scythians stand out as the must-have civ of this list.

I know you’re right, but I find this very strange. Greeks are already primarily based on the mainland Greek city states. What would Spartans offer that Greeks don’t already have?

Not that I disagree entirely because I think we have other priorities than a Greek split, assuming RoR is not already facing a dead end, but I think the current Greek civ could easily be made to represent the Athenians and possibly Ionians alone, while Dorians/Spartans would have a stronger military focus with no trade or navy bonus and the Aeolians would be more cavalry oriented. There’s room for all three of them in terms of mechanics.

It shouldn’t be since it’s getting some new (old) campaigns at some point. I don’t expect it to have lasting appeal the way AoE2 does, though.

Corinth was also Dorian, and an important trade centre. I take your point though.

AoE Greeks are kind of weird, to be honest. They could have the full tech tree except legionaries and centurions without being inaccurate, but instead their tech tree is actually quite narrow.

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t say already dead. I don’t know if we can expect to receive anything after the old campaigns are added…

That’s right! I just thought a Dorian civ would probably be focused on the Spartans anyway… They would probably receive good slingers to represent the Rhodians, but probably no bonus for the (Cretan) Bowmen, as those are kind of covered by the Minoans already.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say full as they probably shouldn’t receive every fully upgraded exotic mounted unit (elephants, camels, charriots…) but their tech tree is definitely quite limited…

Elephants and Camels not; but the Mycenaean Greeks made use of Chariots in battle (Bronze age), and they fell out of use with the end of the Mycenaean civilization, as they were retained only for transportation, races in the public games, and for processions.

Yeah, I think they should have access to the War Chariot, but not the Scythe Chariot or Chariot Archer.

I had thought of these (some are already on the list, others not) with their architectural style

“NORTHERN EUROPEAN” ARCHITECTURE (mostly wooden structures we could define as “barbaric”)

AFRICA ARCHITECTURE (together with Egyptians and Phoenicians)
Numidians - ancient Berber civilization

Harappa (better known as ‘Indus Valley Civilisation’ or ‘Indus Civilisation’)

Xiongnu - possibly the ancestors of the Huns

Olmecs (the civilization of the “colossal heads”)


Well, all of the civs you mention are in at least one other of my polls. If they’re not in this one, it’s probably because I didn’t think they were the most relevant for the time period this specific poll is about (12th to 4th century BC).