Which factions (if any) do you think should be added to the Americas in RoR?

  • [Mayas] {Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico}
  • Huastecs [Mayas] {Mexico}
  • Mezcala {Mexico}
  • Mixtecs {Mexico}
  • Nahuas {Mexico}
  • Olmecs {Mexico}
  • Otomi/Teotihuacanos {Mexico}
  • Tlatilco {Mexico}
  • Zapotecs {Mexico}
  • Lencas {El Salvador, Honduras}
  • Calima {Colombia}
  • Herrera {Colombia}
  • Q u i m b a y a {Colombia}
  • Chorrera/Machalilla {Ecuador}
  • Cotocollao/Quitu {Ecuador}
  • Valdivia {Ecuador}
  • Caral {Peru}
  • Chavín {Peru}
  • Lima {Peru}
  • Moche {Peru}
  • Nazca {Peru}
  • Pucara {Peru}
  • Chiripa {Bolivia}
  • W a n k a r a n i {Bolivia}
  • Tiwanaku/Puquina {Bolivia, Chile, Peru}
  • Araucanian/Mapuche {Chile}
  • C h i n c h o r r o {Chile, Peru}
  • Aónikenk/Tehuelche {Argentina}
  • Kuhikigu/Kuikuro {Brazil}
  • Marajó/Marajoara {Brazil}
  • All of them!
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • Other(s)
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Additionnally, how many of those civs do you think should be added to the game?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9+
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
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This poll was a little bit complicated to create, because we lack so many informations in some of those possible civs, we sometimes don’t even know what name they gave themselves at the time (assuming they saw themselves as a coherent people) or whether the archaeological sites we searched were city states or parts of bigger political entities. Because of that, I once again didn’t bother giving exemple of states corresponding to those cultures as for most of them I could only find archaological sites with Spanish names. However, I’ve decided to include the modern day states in which we have found archaological sites.
I expect a record number of “None” votes that could only be matched by those of AoE2’s European poll (though it may even have higher results), not only because of the lack of reliable sources on those people, but also because the absence of any form of cavalry, the wheel, and in many cases bows and metalwork would leave those civs with an extremely limited unit roster and tech tree, unless they receive an extremely high number of regional units or their representation is extremely historical (possibly eve more than it is in AoE2, ironically). I’m not certain myself including American civs in this time period would be a good idea, but just in case, I think this is still an interesting question to ask and I’m sure some people already have favorites and strong opinions to defend them.
Anyway, don’t hesitate to point it out if I forgot about an interesting choice or made a mistake with the choices I suggested.

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The civs with spaces between each letter were automatically censored for whatever reason (most probably a censored word being included into a longer word) so I had to edit the poll in a way that would not cause troubles. If you voted before I edited the poll, your choices have been lost but you can do it again.

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I dont think they are needed but I wouldnt mind if any of the Maya/Zapotecs/Olmecs/Teotihuacan are added

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For Return of Rome I assume you mean the Age of Empires 1 period?

Funnily enough I was talking with some friends a few weeks ago wondering about which civ I’d include if I got AoE1 to have as many civs as Age of Empires 2 currently does.

The civs I had for the Americas were:

  • Olmecs
  • Mayans
  • Teotihuacan
  • Algonquin
  • Nazca
  • Caral
  • Moche
  • Kuhikugu

People complain about lack of reliable sources on these peoples. But realistically how much info do we need?

I guess AI leader names could get complicated, but other than that, civilizations don’t need info in that much depth most of the history entries are super barebones, so people tend to overvalue how much you realistically need to include a civilization. AoE1 doesn’t even need new voice sets, so we’re all set in that aspect, lfmao.


So far it seems I was wrong to assume many people would vote “none”, we can’t conclude anything from 10 votes but the Olmecs and Mayas are not so surprisingly popular choices.

Algonquins? Interesting… I could find so little relevant informations for any North American civs in the time period I finally decided against including any of them, but the Anasazis/Pueblos were the clostest to make it to the list.

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I had the same problem honestly. Most culture groups from this period have very dumb names like “Poverty Point” which would look absolutely silly in a videogame context.

Algonquin was mostly doing a concession by choosing the most neutral name while still being technically accurate.