Which Future Campaigns do you like to see added in the game?

We want “official campaigns” sometimes the mods get broken plus more achievements too.

What is the issue, in what he posted?

Also, Eastern Asia is not even that big a market for RTS games. They vastly prefer RPGs and MOBAs.
Outside of Starcraft, RTS games were never big in Asia, not like they were in the West.

Oh my friend, AoE 1 and 2 are both popular in Vietnam while AoE 2 is doing well in China. AoE 3 has a good fanbase in Japan. If somehow we can get the Koreans to play AoE for more market. /11

Imagine China goes “hell no” and ban the game, bully Microsoft and eventually kicks them out. This is the last thing Microsoft want to happen. So no, they will not touch sensitive political topics.