Which Future Campaigns do you like to see added in the game?

Which Civ needs a full or more campaigns?
  • Chinese
  • Koreans
  • Japanese
  • Lithuanians
  • Persian
  • Vikings
  • Turks
  • Mayans
  • Others: Please specify in the comment

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I really want a full Chinese campaign perhaps about 5-6 mission scenarios especially about the Three Kingdoms Mythos (I want to play as Cao cao and reimagine he won the Battle of Red Cliffs). Yes I know there’s a custom campaign done by Philly but I want it to be officially done with voice acting. How about you guys?

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ideally every civ that doesn’t have a full campaign gets one.
for starters i’d say Chinese, Lithuanians, and Turks.


Yes, I kept that in mind when making the poll, all the civs in the poll don’t have their own full campaigns.

All the civs without Campaigns:

Vytautas, the Great - Lithuanians
Louis the Great - Magyars
Khosrow II - Persians
Gang Gam-chan - Koreans
Ah Ulil - Mayans

These new campaigns could arrive with new civs, for example: The Lords Of The East - Jurchen, Khitan + Japanese, Korean and Chinese campaigns


I learned 3 new historical figures from you today. Thanks man :slight_smile:

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The biggest surprise was Louis the Great while I’m Hungarian. I still remember we only taught that he conquered Napoli, but he had successful campaigns against Lithuanians, Tatars, Bosnians, Serbians(would be Slavs), Vlachs, Bulgarians, Turks, Venetians(Italians) and Napoli(Sicilians).

Hungarians used Cuman mercenaries and allied with some of the Italian kingdoms and Poles.

All + Slavic and Magyar as well!:slight_smile:

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Honestly, the more the merrier, but from my extensive trawl of AoKHeaven, the Workshop for HD, and the recent DE mods, Persians tend to be most woefully under-represented by basically everyone.

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Hussite Wars, Turgesh-Ummayad war (as the Tibetans, which were allies of the Turgesh), Battle of Yinshan, Vytautas, Makurian War against Islam (Nubians), First, Second and Third Crusades.

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A campaign following the Siege(s) of Constantinople is greatly missing (either side could be playable).

For new civs:
Afghans - Campaign: Muhammad of Ghor - Ghurid Sultanate (1173-1204)
Bengalis - Campaign: Bengal Sultanate - Delhi Sultanate War (1353-1359)
Caribs - Campaign: Agüeybaná II - Spanish–Carib War of San Juan–Borikén (1511-18)
Chimus - Campaign: Minchancaman - The Chimu Empire (900-1450)
Iroquois - Campaign: Hiawatha - The unification of the Iroquois tribes (~1450)
Khazars - Campaign: Barjik - Second Arab-Khazar War (722-737)
Mapuche - Campaign: Lautaro - First half of the Arauco War (1546-1600)
Mississippians - Campaign: Tuskaloosa - Defending the homeland from Conquistadors (1527-1540)
Muisca - Campaign: Saguamanchica - The unification of the Muisca tribes (1470-1490)
Nubians - Campaign: Qalidurut - Dongola Battles (642-652)
Polynesians - Campaign: Momo - The expansion of the Tui Tonga Empire (950-1500)
Pueblos - Campaign: Xauian - Tiguex War (1540-1541)
Siamese - Campaign: Naresuan the Great - Burmese-Siamese Wars (1547-1600)
Somalians - Campaign: Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi - Ethiopian–Adal war (1529-1543)
Tarascans - Campaign: Tzitzipandáquare - Tarascan-Aztec wars (1460-1520)
Toltecs - Campaign: Quetzalcoatl - Conquer of Mesoamerica (674-1046)
Uyghurs - Campaign: Kulug Bilge - The rise of the Uyghur Khaganate (742-762)
Vandals - Campaign: Gelimer - Vandalic War (533-534)
Zapotecs - Campaign: Cocijoeza - Aztec-Zapotec wars (1497-1502)


Do check out “Last Romans” in the Mod browser.

It’s made by one of the campaign designer devs.

Time to fill the maw of the Blood God!
Such a cool set of civs.

Yes. A Tarascan campaign would be great too. The last mission could include a battle against the Spanish, stealing horses to get a permission to train “Tlaloc Cavalry Archers”. Would love a Tarascan civ. They would have strong Archery for sure.

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UTs and UU would be easy to make.

Outrider: Fast Cavalry UU with a lot of HP but no Armour.
Horse Theft: Allows the training Cavalry Archers at the Archery Range, and changes price to 100 Wood.
Broadhead Arrows: Archers deal +5 damage to Siege units.

I thought Lithuanians only fought the Teutons but just found out that they even fought the Golden Horde (Mongols). So much hype for a Lithuanian campaign. It seems many have interests too for both Turks and Persian campaigns.

Turks: Bayezid the Thunderbolt

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If my research was right, he’s the great grandfather of the Mehmed II. Yes a campaign between him and TImur.

louis the great and vytautas the great have good mods.

you want the company to die,you can do this.In east asia,it is a serious politics problem