Which GPU for which settings?

Hey you all,
I am sure not alone with a low to medium spec GPU and I wanted to ask the stress testers to make a short reply with their GPU and fps+settings they could achieve.
This would help me and hopefully others too to get correct expectations or buy a new machine if needed.
Thanks to everyone who feels addressed.

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GTX 1070 here, played maxed out on 1080p and pretty much kept the FPS at 60+.
I experienced the game to be quite smooth even though my hardware is pretty much outdated.

Rest of the system is 16GB of ddr3 ram, game and OS are installed on SSD (!), CPU is a Xeon E3 1231v3.


I played with my Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop in the closed beta with Nvidia GTX 1660ti on 1080p and performance was not great on lower settings. Could be due to optimisation of the game or problems with the laptop. It was still comfortably playable.

Since got new PC, used in open beta with RTX 3070ti on 1440p. Suffice to say amazing difference.

5600XT here, played the closed maxed out at 1440p with shadows on medium, got around 60fps. The open beta ran maxed out completely with 40-70fps, though I did have panning stutters all the time no matter the settings.

In QHD on RTX2060 had no issues I can remember during the last stress test.