Which is much better to use in Late game? FU Elite Jaguar Warrior or FU Aztec Champion?

Just which is better in imperial age? Fully upgraded Elite Jaguar warriors have bit more hp, armor and cost while Fully-upgraded Aztec champion has +1 attack and cost a bit low. Jaguars need castles and champions barracks. Both have nearly equal speed and little building damage but the Jaguar warriors prepondrate them in bonus due to anti-infantry bonus.

So who is basically more practical and efficient to be used in the Late game?

I’d say depends in what you’re Up against

No because champions are easy spammable and cheapers. And they seem to do better vs buildings.

Then if you are in a rare case that your opponent is full of infantry then you can go for Jaguars to clean it.

Jaguars literally destroy Teutonic knights for example.

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Almost always champions. They have broadly superior stats against most enemies AND are cheaper to boot.

Basically the only reason to ever go jags is if your enemy starts building a powerful infantry unit like Teutonic Knights and you don’t have a counter available, but you DO have a castle. That’ll allow you to get out a few of them to counter their army immediately without needing to go all the way through researching all the extra techs. In fact, since so much of jags damage against infantry is bonus damage, all you really need is Squires and the armor upgrades.

But for long-term use, champions will almost always be superior.


Here’s something that is not commonly known. Aztec skirms are actually pretty decent against champions without gambersons (and even okay against gamberson champions). They are good against all units with a base pierce armour of 1, or less. Halbs, Samurai, and Urumi are perfect examples of this. You do need to get their UT though.



They don’t win 1v1 but with 40 Jaguars you clean easy 30 TK for almost 2 time cheaper so better cost efficiency. That’s what I meant.

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Jags are only slightly cost efficient as you can see in @YouTube_HeBroGaming s pic above.
40jags will win against 30 TK for sure but with half the price you’re way off

2400 food.
1200 gold.
3600 total res.

2550 food
900 gold
3450 total res

Edit: i took the wrong gold cost for TK they’re 30g not 35, thanks @YouTube_HeBroGaming for the clarification

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TBH the real problem isn’t that they don’t trade well with other infantry, it’s that after that, they just cease being good. Champions can trade effectively with almost everything given the right circumstances. Jags are ONLY good against infantry, so even if they just send in knights or something, you’re kinda done for.

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