Which maps would you like to see added to AoE 4?

Here are the ones I would like to see:


Fortified Clearing


Land Nomad



AoE 4 has a Hideout but that one’s rather based on AoE 2’s Enclosed map.

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My friends and I play AoE2 on Xbox/PC and always against the AI. One of the ones we enjoy is Michi. Stress free AoEing where you can build up and then cut through and take out the enemy. If you’re smart you build a ton of bombard towers along the path that you cut through the forest so if they break past your army they won’t make it to your side. Super fun for a chill couple hours of gaming and I would love to see this make its way to AoE4 so that when 4 hits Xbox we can all play together.

Half maps from AoE 2 and half maps from AoE 3…