Which of these 7 cultures do you want to see added first in Age of Mythology II?

Which of these 7 cultures do you want to see added first in Age of Mythology II?
  • Aztecs
  • Celtic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Maoris
  • Mesopotamians
  • Slavs

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Please read each culture below first before you vote.

These are my top picks alongside the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Norse for Age of Mythology II.

The criteria for this list includes:
1.) They need to have a rich mythological history.
2.) They need to have enough gods and goddesses.
3.) The mythical units cannot be major or lesser gods. That would be cheating.
4.) Probably the most important. The civilization needs to have enough mythical bestiary. I WISH I could have included the Yoruba mythology but I just couldn’t find at least 10-15+ Yoruba creatures! If you do manage to find a list then feel free to list them below. Remember the Yoruba is a West African ethnic group. Same goes for the Mongolians. I just couldn’t find enough unique Mongolian creatures.

Note 1: Some of the monsters and demons I have listed below are in plural form simply because if they weren’t labeled as such then each civ. wouldn’t have enough mythical units. Titan units can only be produced once. The rest can be produced as many times as long as the population limit isn’t reached. Sometimes sacrifices are needed to be made.

Note 2: I included 4 major gods instead of 3 for the Aztecs. I think this will bring another element of advantageous gameplay and strategic planning for the Aztec player. In fact, I think if a player decides to choose Tezcatlipoca, the god of sorcery, I think his/her opponent will not be able to figure out which god he picked until Tezcatlipoca’s own mythical units are exposed and that the smoking mirage is unveiled, thus revealing Tezcatlipoca’s building structures.

Note 3: I made some changes to the Chinese civilization. It doesn’t make any sense to write some myth units using Chinese words and some with English words: Example → Dragon Turtle but call the hopping zombie Jiangshi. Like what? Got to stay consistent! In fact, most if not all of these mythical unit names from other pantheons will have their original names. Anyway, I hope you will like and consider my Chinese god and mythical unit recommendations.


Huitzilopochtli - God of war, sun, and human sacrifice
Quetzalcoatl - God of wind, wisdom, and arts
Tlaloc - God of earthly fertility and water
Tezcatlipoca - God of sorcery, the night, and hostility

Aztec Bestiary:

  1. Ahuizotl - Tlaloc’s dog-like creatures with monkey hands and a “hand” at the end of their tails.
  2. Amoxoaque - plant-like protectors of plants.
  3. Atotolin - the mythical king of birds with horrifying long claws. It is nigh impossible to catch and kill. If you fail to catch it, you will die in a few days.
  4. Cihuateteo - female malevolent spirits who died during child birth.
  5. Ixpuxtequi - horror demon with bird legs, sharp claws, and carries a staff with skulls.
  6. Maquizcoatl - double-headed serpent.
  7. Nagual - shape-shifting humans who can transform into other creatures - probably good for spying other enemy settlements.
  8. Oxkokoltzec - a menacing giant who materialized out of thin air and killed dozens upon dozens of people via dancing in almost a frenzy-like whirlwind fashion. His story reminds me of Grendel.
  9. Quinametzin - colossal giants from the Sun of Rain era. The Sun of Rain era was the world that was before this one.
  10. Tlacanexquimilli - phantom monster with no legs. Drags itself with its arms and has a skull head, feathered neck, and skinny arms with razor sharp claws. It also moans like a tortured man that can be heard many miles away .
  11. Tzitzimime - female skeletal-like demon beings.
  12. Xicalcoatl - sea snake with chocolate attributes that can churn the sea and drown people.
  13. Xiuhcoatl - terrifying fire serpents.
  14. Xochitonal - gigantic mythical iguanas that guard the passages of the spiritual world.
  15. Yahui - appears in two main forms: the nahual, or man-animal composite figure, and the animal figure. In the animal form, a reptilian head is combined with a tortoise shell body, reptilian arms and legs, claws and the flint-fire motif on the tips of the tail and nose. In the nahual form, the yahui animal imagery is combined with a male, human head. In some depictions, the nahual possesses reptilian claws, while other depictions portray the figure with human hands.
  16. Yoaltepuztli - headless humanoid creatures known as “The Night Axe” because the sound sounds like trees falling but in reality it is because their chest cavity can be opened when they sense humans nearby.

Cipactli - a primeval sea monster, part crocodilian, part fish, and part toad or frog. Always hungry, every joint on its body was adorned with an extra mouth.


Dagda - God of magic, strength, wisdom, and druidry
Cernunnos - God of animals, nature, and fertility
Morrigan - Goddess of battle, war, and fate

Celtic Bestiary:

  1. Abhartach - the undying dwarf who keeps coming back for more blood.
  2. Aillen - towering incendiary beings who can spit fire. They are known to carry harps and sing beautiful songs
  3. Bean sidhe - terrifying banshees who herald death by shrieking and wailing.
  4. Beast Glatisant - the strange creature has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a hart. It produces a terrifying noise from its belly, a barking like “thirty hounds questing”.
  5. Caorthannach - a fire and toxic spitting monster.
  6. Dobhar-chu - a dark massive sea dwelling creature that resembles a dog, a fish, and an otter. Capable of mutiliating bodies within seconds.
  7. Dullahan - an ominous and intimidating headless horseman who is cladded in black attire, rides a black horse, holds its own head, and carries a human vertebra as a weapon.
  8. Ellen Trechend - a monstrous triple headed bird which can breath fire.
  9. Fear Gorta - these phantom-like creatures/ghouls resemble an emaciated human.
  10. Gwyllgi - a mythical dog and a frightening apparition of darkness with baleful breath and blazing red eyes.
  11. Kelpie - a violent black colored horse-like spirit who prefers to devour and throw the victim’s entrails to the water’s edge.
  12. Leipreachan - Need I explain more?
  13. Nuckelavee - the nuckelavee has a man’s torso attached to a horse’s back as if it were a rider. The male torso has no legs, but its arms can reach the ground from its position on top of the equine body, the legs of which have fin like appendages. The torso has a large head – possibly as much as 3 feet (90 centimeters) in diameter – that rolls back and forth. The monster described by Tammas has two heads; the equine head has an enormous gaping mouth that exudes a pungent, toxic vapor, and a single giant eye like a burning red flame. A particularly gruesome detail is that the nuckelavee has no skin; black blood courses through yellow veins, and the pale sinews and powerful muscles are visible as a pulsating mass.
  14. Oillipheist - great sea serpent-like monsters that inhabit the lakes and the rivers.
  15. Selkie - mythological creatures that can turn into a human on shore and seals in the water.
  16. Sluagh - flying apparitions who will forcefully kidnap a victim from any direction and fly away. They can choose to drop units from the air to kill them in-game.

Balor - He is often described as a horrifying colossal giant with a large eye that wreaks destruction when opened. It can be poisonous, incendiary, or otherwise malignant.


Yu Huang (The Jade Emperor) - God of the sky and land
Mazu - Goddess of the sea
Yanluo Wang - God of death and king of hell

Chinese Bestiary:

  1. Bai Ze - A formidable and mythical white cow-like beast who can overcome attacks and hauntings from 11,520 types of supernatural creatures in the world. This type of creature should be a mythical tanky unit with high HP and armor in-game.
  2. Bingmayong (Terracotta Warrior) - already in-game.
  3. Longgui (Dragon Turtle) - already in-game.
  4. Niutou Yu Mamian (Ox-Head and Horse-face) - hell’s guardians. These come in pairs or the developers can mix them into 1 with an ox-head and a horse-face instead.
  5. Qilin - Already in-game. (Noted this creature should be a mythic aged creature).
  6. Qinglong (Azure Dragon) - already in-game.
  7. Hundun - yellow colored six winged chaotic creatures with six legs and no face
  8. Jiangshi - already in-game.
  9. Nian - a terrifying monster from under the sea and the mountain who wreaks havoc. It is afraid of the color red and firecracker sounds.
  10. Pixiu - already in-game.
  11. Qiongqi - monstrous creatures that eat people. It looks chimeric in nature with bull horns and torso with hedgehod fur, and a tiger face with razor sharp teeth and claws.
  12. Taotie - nightmarish looking creatures who are extremely gluttonous. They have a sheep’s body and a human face latched on. In addition, they have eyes under their armpits. Look up 狍鴞 to get an idea what they look like.
  13. Taowu - extremely reckless creatures with bodies of a tiger, human faced, boar-like tusks and mouth, dog hair, and an extremely long tail.
  14. Xiezhi - goat/sheep-like monster with a single horn perched on top of its head. The horn hungers for the guilty and spares the innocent.
  15. Zhuque (Vermillion Bird) - already in-game.

Sun Wukong (The Monkey King) - Sun Wukong possesses many abilities. He has amazing strength and quickness. Sun Wukong also acquires the 72 Earthly Transformations, which allow him to access 72 unique powers, including the ability to transform into sundry animals and objects. He is a skilled fighter, capable of defeating the best warriors of heaven. His hair has magical properties, capable of making copies of himself or transforming into various weapons, animals and other things.


Amateratsu - Goddess of the sun
Susanoo - God of storms and the seas
Tsukuyomi - God of the moon

Japanese Bestiary:

  1. Akaname - a red colored filth-licking yokai with a long tongue.
  2. Baku - nightmare eating supernatural beings. This unit can be used to remove hexes/curses/evil in game.
  3. Chochin-obake - an extremely large floating lantern with an equally enormous pale and frightening face.
  4. Enenra - yokais shrouded in smoke and darkness.
  5. Gashadokuro - spirits that take the form of giant skeletons. It is said to be created from the ghosts of the people who died in battle and were not buried.
  6. Jorogumo - supernatural spider women who can manipulate other smaller spiders to breath fire and web entanglement.
  7. Kamaitachi - an extremely dangerous yokai that looks like a large weasel but with razor sharp scythes for its limbs. They can cause devilish winds that would cut and slice people.
  8. Kappa - amphibious yokais. They are typically greenish in color (or yellow-blue), and either scaly or slimy skinned, with webbed hands and feet, and a turtle-like carapace on their back. They are physically stronger than a grown man.
  9. Mokumokuren - yokais that appear on walls, floors, mats, and doors as many eyes. They can be used to increase visibility on building structures in game.
  10. Nue - it is described as having the head of a monkey, the limbs of a tiger, the body of a Japanese raccoon dog and the front half of a snake for a tail).
  11. Nuppeppo - hulking mass of flesh that gives a rotting flesh smell. Almost an indistinguishable facial feature.
  12. Nuribotoke - a sinister being that looks grotoesque with both eyeballs out of their sockets and hanging down. Its skin is dark like charcoal, long and messy hair, pot bellied, and a fish like appendage hanging down on its back. It also reeks of death.
  13. Nurikabe - an invisible wall-like yokai who can impede and misdirect travelers. They are also tall, to prevent people from climbing over it. These can be used to corner an enemy group strategically in game.
  14. Oni - hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red, blue, black, yellow, or white-colored, wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron kanabĹŤ clubs. A creature instills fear and danger from their grotesque outward appearance to their wild and strange behaviors and dangerous powers.
  15. Onryo - extremely dangerous yokais. Think Sadako from The Ring or Kayako from The Grudge.
  16. Rokurokubi - female yokais with elongated snake-like necks.
  17. Tengu - large, monstrous bird and a wholly anthropomorphized beings, often with a red face or an unusually large or long nose. It can shapeshift at will.
  18. Umibozu - terrifying and gigantic paranormal humanoid yokais who reside in the seas and oceans. Look up this creature. I think it would be awesome to use this unit against other mythical sea creatures and ships.
  19. Wanyudo - It takes form of a burning oxcart wheel bearing the gigantic tormented face of a man.

Orochi - It has an eight-forked head and an eight-forked tail; its eyes were red, like the winter-cherry; and on its back firs and cypresses were growing. A monstrosity so powerful that it required one of the strongest gods to slay it.


Tane - God of forests and birds
Tawhirimatea - God of weather
Tumatauenga - God of war, food cultivation, and cooking

Maori Bestiary:

  1. Aitu - spirits/demons.
  2. Hahau-whenua - gigantic fish the size of New Zealand’s north island.
  3. Hakawai - omen-inducing harbingers of war birds.
  4. Hakuturi - bird-like guardians of the forest; children of Tane.
  5. Kawau - an extremely gluttonous and greedy ogress who swallowed her children and binged on food.
  6. Maero - dark body haired giants with bony fingers and sharp fingernails. They love to kill and eat people.
  7. Manaia - head of a bird, tail of a fish and body of a man; messengers between the mortal world and the spirit domain.
  8. Ngarara - massive reptilian ogres/ogress.
  9. Nuku-mai-tore - forest-dwelling spirits.
  10. Patupaiarehe - pale skinned humanoids with red or blonde hair; they can summon mist and cast invisibility among structural objects.
  11. Ponaturi - goblins who live underground beneath the sea. They dread sunlight and come in swarms.
  12. Porotai - creatures that are half-flesh; half-stone. They have two faces and are invisible to humans.
  13. Pou-a-hao-kai - a massive cannibal ogre who consistently ate large canoes and men. Only way to quell this monstrosity is by shoving large burning stones in its throat.
  14. Poukai - think Haast’s eagle but on a mythical scale in terms of power and size.
  15. Taniwha - gigantic supernatural beings that live in caves or water - very dangerous to people. They look like a hybrid version of a shark and a crocodile with spikes on their backs and can swim and walk on land.
  16. Te Wheke-a-Muturangi - a colossal and monstrous octopus.
  17. Tipua - demons that come in different shapes and sizes; these can also be common inanimate objects as well.
  18. Tutaua - a large demonic tree that produces an eerie noise.
  19. Tuna Tuoro - a dangerous mythical monster that could bark like a ravenous dog, attack humans, and can sink underground.
  20. Tutunui - a mythical whale and a steed of Tinirau, the god of fish. It is capable of capsizing ships.
  21. Waitoreke - otter/beaver like mythical creatures.

Matuku - a gigantic ogre-like monstrosity with overwhelming power who is capable of killing “divine-like” beings. The tail is where its titanic strength lies.


Marduk - God of agriculture, justice, and medicine
Ishtar - Goddess of â– â– â– , love, and political power
Nergal - God of war, disease, and death

Mesopotamian Bestiary:

  1. Alu - a vengeful hellish demon with no mouth and ears. It stalks and terrifies people at night. They can cause coma and death.
  2. Basmu - “The Venomous Snake”. They are venomous horned snakes with two forelegs and wings. It is a companion to Musmahhu and Usumgallu.
  3. Bull of Heaven - Ishtar’s personal gigantic and mythical “I want you dead” beast.
  4. Girtablilu - scorpion men. They are already in-game but they should be Mesopotamian and not Egyptian creatures due to its origin.
  5. Humbaba - a monstrous giant of immemorial age. Its face is scribed in a single coiling line like that of the coiled entrails of men and beasts. Its breath is that of death and breath is of fire. Its roar is like an unstoppable flood. It has paws of a lion, body covered in thorny scales, feet and claws of a vulture, and horns of a wild bull. Its tail and phallus each ended in a snake’s head.
  6. Kulullu - a destructive monster with a body of a human (upper) and a fish (lower).
  7. Mukil res lemutti - ancient Mesopotamian winged lion-like demon, a harbinger of misfortune associated with benign headaches and wild swings in mood, where the afflicted "continually behaves like an animal caught in a trap.
  8. Mushussu - Marduk’s sacred animals. It is a scaly animal with hind legs resembling the talons of an eagle, lion-like forelimbs, a long neck and tail, a horned head, a snake-like tongue, and a crest
  9. Musmahhu - “The Exalted Serpent”. They are hybrids of serpent, lion, and bird. It is a companion to Basmu and Usumgallu.
  10. Rabisu - These are vampiric demons with no particular moral implications. Rather, the Rabisu were spirits sent out to correct the transgressions committed by humans. When one refers to the spirit of the Rabisu as an evil entity it may be better interpreted as refence to malicious action performed by the Rabisu in response to the wayward actions of an afflicted human. That is, the malicious event does not reflect the Rabisu spirit as a whole.
  11. Seg-Sag-As: A monstrous six-headed wild ram.
  12. Ugallu - a horrifying lion-headed storm demon turned good.
  13. Urmahlullu - think centaurs but with a body of a lion.
  14. Usumgallu - “The Great Dragon”. They are terrifying lion-dragon demons with four legs and wings. It is a companion to Basmu and Musmahhu.
  15. Utukku - ambiguous class of demons.

Asag - is a monstrous demon, so hideous that its presence alone makes fish boil alive in the rivers. It was said to be accompanied into battle by an army of rock demon offspring—born of its union with the mountains themselves.


Perun - God of fertility, thunderstorms, and law
Veles - God of earth, livestock, and the underworld
Chernobog - God of bad fate

Slavic Bestiary:

  1. Baba Yaga - infamous sisters who are hags/witches. They fly around in their mortars casting dark magic.
  2. Balachko - horrifying 3 headed giants who can spit fire and cold winds on each head.
  3. Bauk - Slavic’s boogeyman/creature. It has an other-worldly gait and loves to kill at night. It dwells in dark places.
  4. Besomar - powerful demons of pure malice and anger. They need hosts to manifest themselves in game.
  5. Bukavac - a demonic mythical creature with six legs and gnarled horns. It produces a terrifying loud noise and would latch onto people and strangle them.
  6. Domovoy - a hairy-like household spirit that helps around the house. Strengthens and hastens household productions and crops in game. They spawn in twos - a domovoy and a kikimora in game.
  7. Kikimora - a female malevolent house spirit a dog snout, chicken beak, and somewhat resembles a goat with glowing eyes. They can slow down productions and the economy in game. They spawn in twos - a domovoy and a kikimora in game.
  8. Leshy - forest dwelling entity who is a guardian to some and a killing machine to others.
  9. Milosnitse - plague demons cloaked in black. Only way to avoid these demonic creatures is to appease them. You will kick the bucket once you are inflicted with the plague curse.
  10. Nav - nightmarish creatures created from dead babies. They look like huge black birds with baby heads that attack people.
  11. Psoglav - Creatures with horse hind legs, human torso, and a dog head with iron teeth and a single eye. They are notorious for killing people.
  12. Skrzak - winged imps that attack in a frenzy rage. Their laughter will drive anyone insane.
  13. Vampir - essentially vampires. Not to be confused with Dhampir which are half human, half vampires.
  14. Vila - female fairies who can help their allies or may act in malice towards their enemies.
  15. Vodyanoy - frog-like face with greenish beard. They can destroy dams and docks. They can also drag people underwater to kill or enslave them.
  16. Vukodlak - werewolves/lycanthrope.

Zmey Gorynych - a fearsome triple headed dragon that can fly. Kind of like King Ghidorah if you will lol.

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If I could choose two I would’ve chosen Aztecs and Celts together since Sandy Petersen always advocated for them both to be in a new AoM game from an old interview.

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Yeah, he highlighted Sumerians, Celts and Aztecs like I did in my polls earlier.