Which one do you like best, would you like to help me with an idea

I made a french cuirassier and wanted to see what you guys think
french cuirassier napoleonic wars - Google 搜索_6

With new hat (closest to history)

with original hat (most recognizable)

Or the mix one. (I personally prefer this)


I like better the second.

I like better the first.

i like first,first is better

The original helmet does not look very “French” to me.

I guess they were imitating the legacy model but misunderstood it due to the low polygon. It ends up being more similar to a British or German pith helmet, but a more accurate one would be the one with horsetail like in the icon.

I like the second one the best I think, but they do look a little more like a German helmet to me

What if the horsetail of the historical helmet keeps the player’s colour??

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With new hat one, from these options.

I like first of French cuirassier’s hat This is so real history glory