Which units, bonus, landmarks and technologies of each civilization deserve a buff/nerf/rework?

From your personal point of view (trying to argue), what would you change?

Civ X

  • Unit X: Buff/Nerf/Rework because…
  • Landmark X: …


  • General Unit X: …

You have all the freedom.



  • Mangonel: It’s overnerfed.


  • Landsknecht: Needs a buff or rework its purpose, way too situational.


  • Zhuge Nu: Needs a technology in Imperial age to keep it relevant, biggest weakness is its range.
  • Fire Lancer: It’s mostly a cheese unit right now, should be more useful in combat.
  • Palace Guard: Weirdly designed unit, 20% movement speed boost is hardly worth losing -1/-1 armor when being armored is the point of MAA. If it stays this way it should have a slightly cheaper food cost or give it better stats than MAA with a higher gold cost (most fitting option). Also, the +30 HP tech should go to Castle Age.


  • Tower Elephant: It’s quite good in Castle Age but trails off too hard late game, especially because certain techs aren’t affecting it.
  • War Elephant: Most of the time Tower Elephant is way better, any of these buffs would be good: increased armor, increased speed, another spearman on top, a camel-like debuff to surrounding enemies, or scary charge mechanic.


  • Warrior Monk: Increase the survivability as well as the blessing strength. I try to use this in my armies but it’s underwhelming even with the Abbey technologies, so not worth the trouble right now.

Well, that’s fine, but it would be nice to suggest what you think is the best way. Also write about landmarks and technologies if you feel like it.


  • Longbowman: needs to be weaker in Age 2 and stronger in Age 3. It’s just kind of a hunch but I personally think this is one of the main reasons why English have above 60% winrate in Age 2 and then immediately drop off in Age 3.


  • No clue, they have so many unique units… maybe they just have too many?