While Blizzard remaking its classic RTS, Microsoft is playing with remasters

HINT: Learn from Blizzard on this one Microsoft.


Warcraft III: Reforged is a remaster. :confused:

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Indeed, it’s a remaster like the DEs. I don’t understand why the hate. It’s Blizzard that learned from Microsoft on this one. And there’s also a thread already in the off topic section.


Full HD remake.

Official website: Integrating cutting-edge modeling and rendering, we’ve rebuilt every hero, unit, building, and environment in Warcraft III from the ground up. You’ve never seen Azeroth like this.

I can see hate is real. Sorry guys, no remasters.

They are doing the same stuff to AOE with the Definitive Editions. Remasters, remakes, reforges, call them what you want, you are just fanboying over Blizzard.


Yes, make a better store MS and Steam isn’t needed anymore.
I don’t see steam fans crying for this.

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Blizzard doesn’t mention anything about the Frozen Throne expansion. The best of WC3 series. At least with MS we know from the start before purchasing that all the original DLC and expansions are included. Something Blizzard could learn from.

The game website www.playwarcraft3.com says “Relive the events of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne”, so we know the game includes the original release and expansion.

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@RadiatingBlade Missed that one in my speed read yesterday.

I like WC3 FT because it’s a legendary classic A-RTS from which they created DOTA. With this remake they are going back more to their roots in this genre. The only thing I don’t like already is the fact that they will use microtransactions and in game purchases.

And just compare the remaster work MS puts in VS. the remaster work Activision-Blizzard puts in. Granted that they always mark their price $5 lower, but i still think they do lazy work. Greedzard!

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HINT: Please don’t learn from Activision-Blizzard, Microsoft Studios


Also don’t even compare what Blizzard with MS. Blizzard have 3 active projects: Overwatch, WOW, Hearthstone. The fact is, and i can give you countless example. They do lazy work. And often times use their fanbase (telling from experience) with ■■■■■■ micro transactions, and world-class ■■■■■■ exclusive DRM.

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Surprise!!! They are in their pockets. Everyone sucks, except GOG.

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LMFAO! What the ■■■■ man. Well yeah that is somewhat true.

Op you mean learn from Diablo Immortal?

Eh, this is a stretch. Say what you want about MS being super slow with it’s updates since the release of DE, but it’s seriously reaching to suggest that DE was some minor “remaster”. Keep in mind; this upcoming WC3 update is being built to still interface with the original game (at least, that’s what they’ve said…), so in general the engine base will have to stay the same for the most part. Which is to say; no, it is not a full on new game. It very much is in the same category as AOE DE and even Blizzards own Starcraft: Remaster.

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