While I prefer AoE IV to AoE2 and 3... Does anyone here have AoE1 as their favourite? -along with Age of Mythology?-

It’s maybe because it was my first AoE game, or the era, the landscapes, the originality, the units and their art design, the amazing music…, I felt like I was “there”, imagined myself living in those times…, or whatever reason, but I always end up playing the 1st game the most, specially the custom campaigns.

Some of them still have the best scenarios I’ve ever played in a RTS game, and I played many…

For instance, one campaign where you start as a monk and the gameplay is so tight that any little error can make a huge difference. When you complete it, you feel so accomplished, and the gameplay is totally fair, you just have to think about the next step.

AoE2 was the culmination of balance but while not as balanced, I prefer the first, and Age of Mythology.

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100 percent agree! Age of empires 1 has yet to be matched!!

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AoE1 is great. Definitive edition of the monk mission was broken in most difficulty levels and probably still isn’t fixed :frowning_face:

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My fondest Age-franchise memories stem from watching my uncle play that new game, Age of Empires, in his bedroom all those years ago. I was blown away by the islands map he was playing, and how he could move his Big Daddy’s between islands to blow up Roman buildings.

Ah, how I adored the dull brown, teal, grey and orange colors I could pick for myself in the skirmish mode when I finally got the game and would run downstairs at 6:00 AM with my brothers to try and get an hour in on that incredible game before our parents got up.

Of course, AoE2 is my favorite, but the original holds that special place in my nostalgia center; that cannot be altered at this point, but I am fine admitting that it is mostly nostalgia. I only recently stopped playing the occasional multiplayer match via GR or Voobly.

On a sidenote, I enjoy Age4 as well and hope it only gets better from here.


I don’t know if you meant it this way per se, but this strikes me as a very funny and appropriate dig at AOE4 for not having this basic RTS feature (picking your color) that even AOE1 had back in 1997.

(Although IIRC, AOM didn’t let you pick colors either. Wonderful game otherwise though.)

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AOE1 has the most interesting time period and it’s a shame AOE1 DE hasn’t had more support. I really hope AOE returns to ancient times at some point.

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I didn’t intend it to be a dig at the present title, but I would enjoy some of those more unique ugly colors that we used to see in older RTS games coming back in newer titles.

On that line of thought, I’m not sure why we haven’t seen patterns added into some games rather than solid colors.

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that’s the point, the era just is more varied and colourful, at least to me, and more mysterious.

AoE2 is a great game and all, but it’s also AoE IV’s problem, since most of AoE2 balance comes from making civilizations basically the same in most cases, safe for the bonuses, and you must adhere to that formula in AoE IV, which can be okay, but goes a bit against variety and imagination.

AoE1 was a bit more “naive” and “innocent” and hence unbalanced, but it had a strong personality to each civ. The era is probably the most interesting one 'cos it represents the very start of current civilizations and culture.

@Autumn5904 as for AOM, yes, I heard AOM 2 is on the works? Age of Mythology can totally break the shackles from AoE2, which is great.

Actually the game has much more potential than Age of Empires because AoE kinda topped at AoE2 for the reasons I mentioned.

However, AoM allows developers for more creative freedom and it has the potential to be the best Age of game ever, because of both the era, an era of wonder and imagination where things that couldn’t be explained were translated into gods/goddesses and the ancient times are more fun, at least to me.

Middle ages is still very interesting, though not as much as the ancient times. From there, when gunpowder is eveyrwhere, imho, it goes downhill, 'cos it’s more about the weapon than the human, so to speak.

That’s one reason I didnt fancy AoE3 as much as the others, although it is another good game. They say that WW1 was the last “romantic” war, 'cos cavalry was still important. But imho, it was after gunpowder was invented that it became less interesting.

Age of Mythology though is an entirely different beast, and the gameplay mechanics allow the devs to be as imaginative as they want to while keeping the tight gameplay of this wonderful series.


I love AoE1 and AoM

Not much i could say but its classic

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I love AoM. It’s the best.

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I loved age of empire 1, but i prefer age of empire 3, just because of the era and the musketeer. XD

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