Who has the best Champions? Poll

The champion is an often overlooked unit, that is wildly considered a very cost-effective unit vs trash units. Only costs 20 gold, and 45 food with supplies. That means a single trip from an allied market can easily make a champion quite easily in the late game when gold mine gold is low.

Buffing the champion can be quite dangerous because it could have crazy effects when some civs have already a bonus with them.

  • Vikings 84 HP champs and +5 against cavalry
  • Japanese with 33 percent faster attacking champs
  • Malians with +3 pierce armour but with -2 attack
  • Aztecs with +4 attack
  • Burmese with +3 attack (but no upgrades required)
  • Goths with 35 percent cheaper champs
  • Bulgarian 2HS with +5 melee and upgrades free
  • Celts whose champions are 5 percent faster than anyone else’s
  • Slavs with trample damage champions
  • Teutons plus 2 melee armor

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the same answer as reddit: it depends

slavs (because no one 1v1’s a champ) or malians

It kinda of depends…

Malians are kind of really usefull, But will lose badly to all others.
Slavs are pretty strong in large groups, while against cav I probably prefer vikings or teutons…
Bulgarians are really good for rushes…
And the strongest 1x1 is the japanese.

It depends what you’re fighting

Obuch. <20 chars blablabla>

Japanese champs probably win against other champs. Malians champkrals are pretty attractive otherwise imo.

Malian champs are the most versatile, Slavs are the stringest, but I would pick Bulgarians. They have the ultimste trash and camel killer, its still crazy strong against other champions and it gets free upgrades

The Japanese have the best Champion, but the Slavs have better builds to exploit their Champion’s strengths.

same here, but that doesnt mean they are the best… thats always the problem with these questions… bulgarians are certainly the easiest to achieve, just like goths are one of the most likely to actually to be seen…