Who is the worst hunt? (Poll)

Bison, deer, and similar obviously don’t get in, because they’re good. Neither do the capybaras, because they are great.

Imo, the worst is the turkey, what a disgusting hunt.

  • Elk
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Rhea
  • Tapir
  • Turkey
  • Elephant
  • Marco Polo Sheep
  • Giraffe
  • Giant Salamander

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I don’t suppose giant salamanders are tasty.

Giant Salamanders, of course.

Why did they decide to create a hunt whose coloration is nearly indistinguishable from the ground they’re on?!


You’ve certainly missed the worst. Need to play more Unknown games imo.


They’re also 500f which is absurd. They should be a much darker colour and the same amount of food as a turkey.

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Don’t tell me you introduced the lost son of the turkey and the salamander?

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eu tenho muita raiva dos mapas africanos con girafas e elefantes porque eles tem muita vida e tem que dar mais de 3 tiros para matar as vezes atrasa muito a subida de idade, outro animal que e muito chato ea ema porque ela se movimenta demais

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The one that moves away from the protected areas, that is the worst. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently the forum thought this was french (because of the “chars”) lol

takes 4 shots to kill, still have weird hitboxes and scatter like idiots when herding

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eu não acho que são as piores porque quase não vejo nos mapas mais as girafas e elefantes são muito chatos para matar e algum mapas da impressão que eles tem a AI para esconder nas bordas

a alguma possibilidade de fazer com que a IA dos animais não ande para a borda do mapa ? as veses perco o foco de controlar a caça e eles ficam na borda e limita bastante a quantidade de aldeões na coleta @EliteRiflemann


The Chinese giant salamander is indeed one of the proteins in the ingredients of traditional Chinese food culture. In modern times, It seems that only farmed salamanders that meet certain conditions can be sold and eaten to conserve wild salamanders.

A video of cooking salamander with more than 8 million views.

To me it’s not a bad huntable animal as long as it doesn’t get stuck on the edge of the map and water.

According to calculations, wild turkey is the best. It only takes two shots and provides 400 food, average 200 food per shot.

Off topic, I just can’t understand, why not introduce herdable turkeys?

Compared with huntable animals, herdable animals have few, basically only 3 types: sheep with 300 food, llamas with 400 food, and cattle with 500 food.

At least herdable turkeys are a must? We’re still supplying sheep and cow to the Aztec farm!

It would be great too if the Spanish could get cows, the Chinese and Germans could get pigs, and the Japanese could get herdable deer for their shrines.


Are they actually a traditional dish, or are they just one of the animals people started eating because of the famines caused by the great leap forward?

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As far as I know, the edible value of giant salamanders has nothing to do with the Great Leap Forward. Since in other Chinese-speaking societies, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, there also seem to be an old saying that they are edible.

But it is true that salamander has not been a mainstream and common ingredient since ancient times, no matter in China or anywhere else. The modern Chinese people are very unfamiliar with this dish. However, even though Chinese society is no longer popular to eat them, their government has tried to introduce some regulations and conditions to protect them, and their conservation efforts still seem to be quite a failure.

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As a former Toys R Us employee, I refuse to hunt giraffes, and since I own salamanders, I refuse to hunt giant salamanders on a moral basis lol.

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Ive encountered some kind of small bird hunt once on unknown. Those were pretty annoying.


Found the birds lol, hated them

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