Who remember this

Remember this

You start the game without knowing where your allies are.
You try guessing and ask them, one answer you “'im at 3”

Later in the game you get rushed before you have the technology to see your allies.
so u have no clue of what is going on on the game, you just try to go away in one direction. leave your base
You don’t know if you wil encouter an ennemy force, or an ally that will save you.

You encounter a wall, but there is no door. Your ally tell you that he doesnt want to delete it, so you go somewhere else
finally, u arrive at his base. what a relief…
You ask him nicely where u can go to find a forest he tells you “south”
you go there, and try to make a new base, totally blind, without knowing if ur ally resist, and where the ennemy will come from.

but you try to come back, and get your revenge

I really hope they dont modify all this. This “blind” part was what was making the game charming.
You were afraid and curious from exploration

Actually in The Rise of Rome you always knew where your allies are at the start of the game. So you don’t have to tell each other where you are, you can only see their town centers. It would be quite stupid not to include this. But other than that. I don’t think they will change this as writing is an upgrade in the govt center in the bronze age.

I think it is not that hard to implement in the game to make it optional to show allied positions at the beginning.

MY point is that sometime, some discomfort and frustration can be part of great emotions and have a great impact on the game overall.
perfection is not fun.

That’s true! My fondest memory was playing a 2v2 MP match where a friend and I were hopelessly outmatched by two very skilled opponents. We dragged the game out to like 3 hours by hiding and building tiny outposts all over the map, spreading our villagers and building walls, towers and little traps all over. We lost eventually, of course, but it was a tense and fun match.

I remember 0 A.D same things happens.