Who use autohotkey or similar software?

Do you use autohotkey or similar software?

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I download this software yesterday and it’s a little revolution. To do an action require me less input. (palissage wall, stone wall, house, attack move require now only one hotkey).
I don’t what to think about that, is it unfair for the player who don’t use that? Does it prevent aoe2 to improve by update because player use others software to patch issue?

You are using macros = You are cheating
Get out of competitive games!!

Hum, on another post someone told that is authorized and recommand this software.
Some keyboards have more keys than others, is it cheating?
I have a regular mouse and mouses with more than the wheel and the two clicks is cheating and they pay for that…
To be fair we need to ban cheating mouse and key board with more than 80 keys and keyboard remaping or allow all of that.

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Don’t get confused, macros are not the same, you can have a KB/mouse setup with 1k keys and 0 macros.

Macros, shortening the keypress needed to perform a certain game action compared to other player which is not using your software/hardware, for example, CTRL + SHIFT + A → just A

I suggest you stop using macros for two reasons:
1)You can’t use them in high-level competitive environment (say Redbull Wololo cup etc.) Or pretty much any environment but your own PC. So if you get too addicted to using macros - you won`t be able to play competitively away from home.

2)Macros usage is easily detectable and bannable. As a matter of fact voobly banned whole bunch of macros users. Macros can be used for much more than just skipping key presses. It`s just a matter of time for DE edition to implement macros usage detection system.

Also i suggest this topic closed and deleted for good, so that less users want to give macros a try… On the other hand make it sticky so that macros usage becomes prevailing and we get anti-cheat system sooner.

Ok, I will let the post to make AOE2 react, because actually it’s unfair. For a dev it’s very easy to detect if 2 keys are press at the same time or upgrade how work hotkey.
I hope it’s for good.
But I don’t know how aoe2 can react against cheating mouse where you can configure a button on the mouse to press a key

I use it for:
-My middle mouse button is busted and every time i use it it registers at 2 clicks instead of one (I have a script that adds a cooldown so only 1 of the inputs gets trough)
-Making the Caps Lock key not actually turn the caps on (so I can use it as a regular mappable key)
-Making so the Windows key doesn’t cause the windows menu to pop up (so I can use it as a regular mappable key)

I don’t think any of that is cheating, it’s the same as having a mouse with more buttons