Who wants more Co-op Campaigns for AOE2? (Or does not?)

My friend and I enjoyed most of the co-op campaigns and would like to see more in the future, if that is even possible. I was just curious what others thought about them and if they wanted to see more? (or not). Cheers.


I would like more “battles”.
And by battles I mean specific scenarios of campaigns that are suited for coop (and not the entire campaign). Examples could be:

  • Last scenario of Joan D’Arc
  • 3rd, 3th and 6th scenario of Barbarossa
  • Last scenario of Dracula
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th scenarios of Bari
  • Last scenario of Sundjata
  • Last scenario of Francisco de Almeida
  • Last scenario of Bayinnaung
  • Last scenario of Le Loi
  • 4th scenario of Ivaylo
  • Last scenario of Kotyen Khan
  • Many scenarios of the last 2 DLC would also be extremely good for coop (the battle of Grundewald in Jan Zizka for example)

I love co-op campaings! I even prefer co-op in skirmishes, i’m not competitive player i play relaxed games mostly…

If LoTW and DoTD get their coop campaigns then they could be The Grand Dukes of the West and Algirdas & Kestutis.


Don’t quote me, but I believe the devs intend on adding all campaigns to the co-op list.
The ones I’d like to see in particular, however, are:

  1. Edward Longshanks. There is a lot of potential for this admittedly easy campaign, as it’s just as easy to split Longshanks’ armies in two. For example, there’s the secondary hero unit in the first scenario, the AI-controlled half of Acre in the second, and his eastern base in the fifth.
  2. Gajah Mada. This could be a little more awkward, but there is still incentive for the ally to replace the AI, like in the second and fourth scenarios.
  3. Pachacuti. Like Edward Longshanks’ campaign, Pachacuti’s has a lot of potential for army splitting. In the second scenario, the ally can take either one of the friendly AI’s bases, or be given half of the massive Cuzco. In the third & fifth scenarios, the main player can have control of Pachacuti while the ally has Apo Mayta and Vicaquirao. In the fourth mission, the Incas’ armies are split in half already, so that’s simple enough.
  4. For Historical Battles, I can see Lepanto (the Greek ally who sends resources can easily be the second player), Manzikert (promotes communication when performing hit ‘n’ run tactics, or when sparingly spending tributes), Dos Pilas (could be an interesting challenge if both players have to retreat before choosing who to side with, or the ally could start with one of the besieged towns), and York (two players romping through the British Isles on a ludicrous map sounds pretty fun.)

It’s an “old” topic, but just a message to the dev to encourage them, because it’s very fun to play Co-Op games with my friend ! It’s a good “mod”, I hope they are going to add more Co-op campagns !


Well, I’m pretty sure Return of Rome will be an opportunity for new co-op campaigns, since we will most certainly get a new version of AoE’s campaigns.

I want a lot of campaigns and scenarios

I want a true co-op mode similar to SC2’s co-op where we have progression and maybe in-game cosmetic awards. This is intended for casual players and a little bit of practice before entering ranked matchmaking.