Whololo convert bug unit selection


want to report a bug. Happened in fast game 1vs1.

Played as Abbasid against English. I converted english longbowmen, with priest and relic in hands. They correctly changed to my side. I also had normal abbasid bowmen.

After I clicked “Ctrl + left mousebutton” to select all my abbasid bowmen, the converted english longbowmen were also selected so they counted as normal Bowmen. Problem was that i could not build siege in field anymore because the longbowmen were also selected. Also I could not switch between them with “tab”.
I also could not use there special abilities.

I think the problem is that they count as same military unit but that should not be.

I hope I could describe it good enough :smiley:


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I think converted units work like that, as another example, your longbowmen wont be affected by upgrades.

Okay but beside the upgrades. The bug is that after the convert, if i select all my normal bowmen they are not able to build siege in field anymore.

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Thank you @Metatron5! Just to be clear, were your own (unconverted) Bowmen able to build Siege if you only had them selected?

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yes normal selection was working because I only had the abbasid bowmen selected. But if I use a select all command for bowmen the converted longbowmen were also selected and that is the problem. They should not count for that.

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Thanks @Metatron5. We’ll look into it. Appreciate the report!