Why all tournaments are played on fan patches?

This is how things going in this community:

  1. Create a mod, call it Balance Patch/Mod.
  2. Organize frequent tournaments.
  3. Players say, it’s cool, make it official. Of course, call anything “balance” and they will think it’s balanced.
  4. Microsoft makes it official.
  5. Tournaments stop, players use only other fan patches:
    Voobly Balance Patch for Supremacy
    DM patch for DM
    Ok, there was an EE tournament with the official patch, the starting prize pool was 0$.
  6. High level players play on Voobly in 95% with an irrelevant game version and they will bring their advices to the Definitive Edition.
  7. Result: disaster. Tale of the Dragon 2.

It’s very disrespectful towards the hard work of devs. Just watch other games from Age of Empires series. Everybody use the official and latest version of the game or the original version and not fan patches. It’s ridiculous. Let’s see AOE2. Players play: The Conquerors 1.0c + bug fixes and Definitive Edition. Noone cares about fan patches especially when they don’t add any new content.

Play the official version of the game.