Why am I thrown back into the lobby after the game ends?

Why not stay in the game room?

You should be taken to the game statistics screen after the game ends.

Are you looking for an easier way to play a rematch with the same players? You can create a new game with the same settings as the original and invite the same players.

Yeah but when I quit the game I expected to be taken back to the room where I started from just like other clients that I play on…? I don’t know how this works with DE

How do I invite them though? Why can’t we all just return to the original room and those who want to leave can leave? :s

What other clients are you talking about? The game ends with victory or defeat correct?

If you add players to your Xbox Live friends list you can invite them to your game.

I mean when I play aoe elsewhere like Voobly or Gameranger the game room is still there when you close the game. It’s much more convenient.

+1 on end of game lobby/chat room. It’s way easier to chat with players after you exit the stats screen, avoids the down feeling of being chucked to the game list, and I find you make friends easier this way, as you get the opportunity to ask properly.

Eg. Look at GameRanger. I wonder how easily an aftergame chat can be added, as with DE you go straight from game list to the in game ready room. Perhaps a pregame and postgame chat room could be added to DE? It would also make rematches very easy, as you don’t have to then open up xbox chat and try to find players, which is hard if they aren’t your friends yet, and you forgot how to spell their odd name :slight_smile:

They should definitely try to add a feature for both DE and AoE 2 HD that brings you back to the same lobby that you were in.

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I want to make a discussion like you but I can’t :((

I agree. After the game ends, we should all go back to the original “room” that we started in so that we can chat with the same players. Re-inviting them again is such a hassle.

lobby system is horrible.

agreed, it feels like an afterthought (mp lobby). Apparently the devs working on it don’t know about background and foreground threading so any action in the lobby blocks the main UI thread, it’s a sign of amateurish coding.