Why another nerf in inca and another buff in mexico

Mexico is extremely broken in treated mode with countless posts talking about it, and why they received a buff in unit base status, there were 2 cards condensed into one… seriously, just why ???
Why buff one that when completely broken?

Now about the Inca, every patch has a different nerf on the Inca, the last 20 nerfs weren’t enough, it’s already at a point where it’s becoming unplayable, so play Inca, if you don’t use a rush strategy and can’t do it, the player surrenders in 12 Min of the game you automatically lose, because the civ is breathing on devices, you have 3 units that are practically useless, and the rest are completely weak, and the Inca’s economy gets worse with each patch that passes.

Relying on statistics to nerf and buff without analyzing the context of this statistical data generates this type of situation.
Inca only performs well in a specific elo range and in competitive, Killing Inca is not the solution.
Turning Mexico into a bigger monster than it already is is not the solution either.


It’s funny how I would rather have an Abus gun than Huaraca. They are about the same unit, doing siege damage (which is good against cannons since it bypasses the 50% range resist) and costing 2 pop. Huaracas have been nerfed so hard and Abus are so good at their job and killing cannons.

i personally believe inca deserved every nerf and it could have another one tbh. Mexico’s buffs not needed. And some of its strategies needed some nerfs tbh. Thats my opinion.

Mexico is not broken, is barely used competitively. This is because since the CIV came out it has not stopped receiving nerfs.
I don’t know why they say that Mexico is OP, in the late game it’s a little below average unless you let it boom for 30+ minutes and send 20 cards, but at that point all civilizations have strong strategies.

Inca nerfs are deserved tho.

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Of course, México is still broken (in treaty ), chinacos sweep through, destroying anything in their path. Also, with the appropriate age-ups they are capable of having an enormous and broken army because their nats, similar Ethiopia does. Finally, the Mayan Revolution or going outlaws allowed them to lame as much as they wanted. Not to mention that they have certain economic advantages depending on their age up u chose that give them a huge amount of resources or good tricks.


Even in supremacy mexico is broken. In the middle of age 2 fight they can suddenly revolt and gain access to falcs and get 7 vills for free. That is a huge momentum boost enough to finish the game and you can’t prepare for it because you don’t know when mexico will revolt

Well about age 2 revolts people tend to forget it costs 350 for each resource so is also a considerable investment early game. Also, falconets are not free, it cost 100 gold each to send from HC, or you can create them by constructing 250 wood Artillery Foundry + 100wood&400gold each falconet, so it’s also not free.

So you have two options:

With both, you lose the ability to create more villagers than the ones you already have. Like every other revolution either you succeed or you die in the all-in process. If your attack is not powerful enough or your opponent counters the strategy then is gg for Mexico, as is going to be surpassed in military and eco while the match continues.


But 7 vill is 700 food for free, don’t forget. And you get them instantly and not one after one. With this huge eco boost mexico can get away with not making new vills for a long time and spend the resources on army. The one time boost is enough to win the game for mexico. Only if mexico somehow doesn’t win then they fall behind later, but it is difficult to defend against that initial push because mexico has such a big step up by doing nothing, without need for age 3 which is 2k res

Not really a good example of balance. 7 settlers is more than 3 minutes worth of villager production freed up. That means for 3 whole minutes Mexico has a HUGE economy lead (keep in mind other civs do not get 7 villagers worth of resources at that time. They have to build them so they TRICKLE in. Not to mention the other resource items they get, the upgraded towers and yes. Like you pointed out a falc for 100g+ per shipment.