Why AoE: DE should have Spartans and other stuff

So, I’ve been playing Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and I have a few suggestions. It’s just 5 things that I’ve thought would fit and make the game even better:

1.- “Offline” feature.

  • The thing is that I mostly play on th go with my laptop, but when I try to enter on my game, I simply can’t. I have to enter on the classic version of the game which is good and all, but I DID buy the game to play it with those sweet 4K graphics. So it would be nice to have that feature to play whenever and wherever I want.

2.- Local multiplayer without multiple copies of the same game.

  • I usually play with friends, but sometimes I’d like to play AoE: DE with a friend but they haven’t bought the game yet. So, I propose some kind of limited “Download play” kind of feature like what Nintendo did with the 3DS where 2 people can play the same game on multiplayer if one of them has the game. The other one would just “link” to the game via “Download play” and they would both play the game. That would help sell the game because that feature would help that other person to try the game and encourage them to buy it so they can play it without the need of being with someone else who has the game all the time. I know this can be a problem to sales, but I believe this actually helps with sales.

3.- Spartan civilization.

  • So, the spartans where a pretty prominent civilization on their era. So I suggest a Spartan DLC or something where regular villagers have increased attack bonus and the militia has there’s a Spartan unit that can attack from a distance with spears (Much like skirmishers in AoE 2) and have close range attack (Like Shortsword units). Also, as a bonus, they would have increased armor against ranged attacks and melee attacks if there are 3 or more Spartan units nearby (No armor bonus against siege or projectile units such as catapults or similar units). I know this is very much impossible since the first AoE was pretty basic on unit formations and commands, but it would be pretty cool nontheless.

4.- Advanced formations.

  • Pretty much like those found in Age of Empires II. Where you can choose how close or far away your units are from each other. That way, not only would the Spartan civilization be possible, but it would make the game even better. The “Advanced Formations” or “Advanced Combat Training” technology would be purchased from a building on certain civilizations so it would not be on every civilization’s “technology deck”, and that would make a lot of sense and would balance some lower tier civilizations to make them better.

5.- Upgrade graphics on “cheat units”.

  • So sometimes, you want to be like a god and have units that can absolutely obliterate your enemies if you so desired. But with an enhanced game with 4K graphics, it looks weird if a pixelated Photon Trooper just appears running around with its pixelated feet. So, it would be just perfect if the “Cheat” units got a graphic upgrade. Just that. Nothing exotic or too fancy. Just a good ol’ regular graphic upgrade to make them fit with the rest of the game. (Which looks just exquisite).

And that’s all. If someone on the dev team would consider these and make them a reality, it would be just wonderful (Especially the Spartan thing). But I just wanted to share this with all of you and I also wanted to hear what you think about these ideas and hear if you have other ideas that could make the game even better. Cheers.

Spartans are Greeks. Also Spartan soldiers didn’t “throw” spears. Just get a naked unit mod (and a cape ofc)


I know Spartans had javelins and didn’t throw them all the time. But it would make for a great unit/civilization on its own.

Spartan are overratted. They weren’t super soldiers.
They aren’t more important than Athenians

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They have a share option in the MS Store version and the Steam version has a family share option which helps people with different accounts use the same game copy. But a multiplayer trial version would be great to increase player numbers.

As for the offline feature there is this:


Really? I had no idea. I’ll check on this. Thanks!

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I agree with the offline game, and the new models for the cheat units.

What you propose of the Spartans, I don’t think they are the best option if you have to add civs. Other more important ones are missing. You said javelin spear, but in AOE 1 there is no unique units. In addition, historically it is not very typical of Spartans to throw spears. Although I would like to see javelin throws as a general unit for several civs in a future DLC.
We have the Greek civilization, of which the Spartans are a small part (city-state) and their best unit is the hoplites, cheaper and faster. Just as the Spartans that their strong were the rows of hoplites. The bonus of pierce armor for the infantry is held by the Macedonians. So there is already a part of what you said.

As for the formations, it wouldn’t bother me to have them, but they should first improve the pathfinding of this game a lot.

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Greek, Macedonian, Minoan - Same thing! Sparta should have been a separate faction though. One with both Legion and Centurions.

isn’t, Minoans aren’t greeks, Macedonians were kind of Hellenistic age super power.
Spartan were weak.

what i want is to play story and offline mode i dont like only online gaming for AoE

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Spartans were certainly not weak, why do you say so?

Their defeats specially after Peloponnesian wars they were kicked by any faction. Not great conqueror, they dont rise any empire. The rest is pure spartan propaganda.

As already said before, it’s okay to simply call it “Greeks.”
There are other much less important and irrelevant civilizations that are part of the game, for example the Palmyra, an empire that lasted 13 years of Roman independence … And other much more important civilizations that were ignored, such as Celts, parthians or mauryans.

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I guess we will just have to disagree. The Spartans had an advantage over the Athenians on land during the Peloponnesian war, and ultimately won that war. In fact, Pericles knew that the Spartans were superior to the Athenians in land battles. Whether or not you have a big empire is not the necessarily the measure of how good your military is. Alexander and the Macedonians never took over Sparta. Beyond that, the intensity of the Spartan military training and culture was unique in history. I don’t know how you can call them weak.

So make Athens civilization. Athenians were better a Sea and Thebans kick their…a$$es…
Later they only make pathetic intervention.

Add please:

We would like to play scenarios based on the city state wars. The Greek empire of Macedonia was interesting too but less fun to play than city state wars.

I like the Athenians too, and they were better at sea. The Thebans did great because they had great commanders. As much as I would like the Greek city states added, I don’t think a lot of others would be that enthralled. I do think the Celts and Indians are a more glaring omission.

We are talking about civilizations, not city-states. And also, how much can each of the mentioned cities differentiate with the resources of the AOE1? With its limited general units? Just adding naval bonuses to one and infantry improvements to another?

Instead, Celts are even frequently mentioned in existing campaigns, such as the Gauls, Bretons, Getas, Alamani, etc. and sadly they use Romans or Greeks to represent them.

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