Why are ballista elephants affected by melee cavalry armour?

Conqs to CA, all are affected by archer armour, but the ballista elephant isn’t? Like yeah it’s cool if you’re playing Khmer, this is a minor eco advantage, but doesn’t actually make in-game sense. Not necessarily about nerfing it.

Since the (nerf)addition of Hussite wagon armour class to Ballista Elephants, is it now time to reduce the cost of the Elite upgrade? Is the additional 3 anti building damage really worth it?

The Ballista Elephant isn’t an archer. It’s a siege cavalry unit.


Isn’t it 4 as you also get +1 base attack? Anyway Ballista Elephant seems very OP in some situations. Although that is mostly because people don’t use proper counters and just charge their cavalry to death. But I don’t think the upgrade is expensive on resource. It is expensive on time however. The only UU that I can remember has higher upgrade time is War Elephant.