Why are Bohemians using Eastern European architecture?

They were influenced under the Holy Roman Empire for centuries, hence they would be better with the Central European architecture like the Teutons.

If Byzantines, Spanish, and Vietnamese gets their appropriate architecture set since DE, the Bohemians should get the Central European buildings too.

Of course, keep the Bohemian castle architecture.


Persians should the tatar set too but its unlikely they will swap these sets.


One of the strange decisions that make no sense.
Maybe it’s because Americans think everything in the sphere of influence of the former USSR is Eastern.
Their unique Castle and their Wonder already look very Central European too.
Same for Poles but not as extreme.
Why are Goths, Huns and Vikings Central European though?


That is what they had in the vanilla game.

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The ideal case would be each civ having its own architecture but for some it would be near impossible to reconstruct, the Goths notably.

And no, no “gothic” architecture for them, this was a term coined by envious Italians that were furious the French had made this splendid architecture.

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European architecture sets reorganization:

  1. Central European architecture set - Teutons, Bohemians, Bavarians and Saxons
  2. North European architecture set (Brand new) - Vikings, Goths, Slavs (rename to Ruthenians) and Swedes
  3. Eastern European architecture set - Magyars, Lithuanians, Poles and Romanians
  4. Balkan architecture set (Brand new) - Byzantines, Bulgarians and Serbs
  5. Mediterranean architecture set - Spanish, Italians, Portuguese, Sicilians and Croatians
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There should be new set for Bohemians, Magyars, Poles and Lithuanians. Maybe Austrians in the future.

Eastern European set goes to Romanians and Balkans.

Shouldnt balkan factions share a set with byzantines?

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I see it more as a split by religion, these countries I mentioned above had nothing to do with Orthodoxy. There was definitely an Eastern influence in Balkans, some of them use Cyrillic even today.

No! The Eastern European Architecture Set is a perfect match for (ATTENTION) Eastern European civs.

Bohemians civ must have Central European Architecture Set because it is in line with their history and culture. Potential Austrians civ would also be best suited for this.

Eastern European Architecture Set is a perfect match for:

  1. Magyars,
  2. Poles,
  3. Lithuanians,
  4. Romanians

No! Only for Romanians civ. The Eastern European Architecture Set doesn’t fit the Balkans at all!

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Sometimes I think the Byzantine Architecture Set could fit Ruthenians civ (current Slavs civ).

Kievan Rus adopted Christianity from Byzantium, thanks to which it joined the Eastern European civilizational circle. Masonry buildings were built on the Byzantine model. Although brick architecture doesn’t really suit Rus (not counting temples, of course), I think that it would work better for them than the Eastern Europan Architecture Set.

Too bad 1. to 3. aren’t Eastern European civs, they were always under influence of the Catholic church, origin of Lithuania dates back to Crusade states in the Baltic region. Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth fought Russia many times. If you look at the later timeline, Hungary and Poland become Austira and Baltics become Prussia. So they’re not Eastern European at all.

You could argue about the architecture in Balkans, but their Orthodox churches look the same as the ones in Eastern Europe and people there still use the Cyrillic script. I would agree it’s different for Croatia, but not Balkans in general.

The best guess would be looking at actual medieval architeture for each country, though some civs that were KO early (mainly Goths and Huns) would need to improvise. Indeed for the Bohemians, they should have the same Central European style as the Teutons.

The best for Huns would maybe be a new Steppes style shared with the Mongols, that still have the mainly-Japanese-looking East Asian style.

Nomadic Architecture Set: Mongols, Huns, Cumans + potentially brand new civ - Jurchens


Perfect ! The Central Asian civ mainly fit the Tatars (and would be good for the Persians) but not the Cumans.


Exactly. Persians civ would replace the Cumans civ in the Central Asian Architecture Set.

As part of the Caucasus DLC, three civs could be added: Georgians, Armenians and #################
And just the ####### would fit perfectly into Central Asian. Georgians and Armenians would receive a brand new Caucasian Architecture Set.

This is about censored peoples (thank you censor…):


The forum censorship strikes again… I assume you meant that country between the Caucasus and Caspian Sea, between Russia and Iran.

Got that same nasty surprise about an AOE1 Bronze Age Anatolian civ…






Even the link to Wikipedia has been censored…

This censorship on this forum is more vulgar and aggressive than swearing.

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