Why are mods not working?

Didn’t play for a while as I got bored of the small maps and pop limit. Returned yesterday as I noticed there were quite a bit of mods removing the pop cap, increasing resources etc. Nevertheless, even though I installed mods that were last updated in Oct, none of them seem to work. Am I missing something?

The game had an update. Now everyone making such a mod, have to do it AGAIN.
Everytime the game gets an update, the mods have to be updated too.
Thats why mods dont work currently.

What? Can’t the Devs ensure that not all mods are breaking with every patch… Shouldn’t be too hard. Most games don’t break mods either during updates. Hence, if I get this right, mods might break every few weeks and we have to wait again for a mod update? That’s rather unacceptable if you ask me…