Why are my gold miners just stood around?

Im a total noob to the game (never even played the original) and it’s took me a while to navigate around all the things I can do, it’s still quite overwhelming. It took le a while to figure out how to adcance to the next age.

I’m currently stuck with a problem ~ I have plenty of storage pits which my tree choppers are happily sotring their logs in, but I have a handfull of gold miners who are just stood around with their hands full of gold and nowhere to put it. What is wrong, why are they not putting it in the storage pits?

Hi @Pooky2483, The storage pit is the resource drop-off building for the gold resource. How close to the gold deposit is the storage pit? Try to reassign the villagers to the gold deposit.

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The gold miners have walked right upto the storage pits and are just stood there doing nothing.
I even built some more storage to see if they’d go to them, they didn’t, but the woodcutters did

Somethiong odd just happened…
A gold miner from another area just walked up and dropped off their gold and walked back to whrere they’re mining!

Think I just sorted it, I selected the miners and right clicked the storage and they all dropped off the gold they were carrying.

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Yeah, if you manually tell villagers to drop off resources they will wait for the next command. They should automatically return to mining gold after dropping it off at the storage pit until the gold deposit is depleted.