Why are Rise of Legends and Halo Wars 2 not released for Steam?

Why are Rise of Legends and Halo Wars 2 not released for Steam?

I really miss Rise of Legends and would be nice to play Halo Wars 2 online.
Why are those games in year 2023 still not on Steam?


Very niche games and nobody would really pay for them.

Personnellement je suis prêt à payer pour avoir sur steam Rise of Legends, c’était un jeu que j’adorais y jouer quand j’étais plus jeune.

I sure would pay for it and there are plenty of other people like me. there are full forums out there asking it being added on Steam and even GoG.
idk why that game got so hate. it was very decent for its time

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You are RTS fans. You see well-made RTSes as works of culture with intrinsic value, and deserve to be preserved for future generation’s enjoyment and study.

To them, they are products - in Rise of Legends and Halo Wars 2’s cases, failed products. They cannot imagine failed products as having any value other than inconvenient embarassments to be quietly forgotten.

As a PC game publisher, MS published dozens of successful products beside the Age series, like Zoo Tycoon 1 & 2, the Madness racing series, the classical Flight Simulator games, entries in the MechWarrior series. Apparently none of them are considered worthy of being offered on today’s digital storefronts. Selling past failures? Inconceivable!

I would pay for Rise of Legends on Steam :raising_hand_man:

We would pay for that.

And a sufficiently-funded, finished version of the un-greenlit RoL expansion adding a 4th nation (it has designs and extensive concept art).

And Rise of Nations 2 and Halo Wars 3 (both never went beyond mockup visuals).

But these words are incomprehensible to them.