Why are Rus so OP and what's their main problem? They don't need to commit to anything

Do you remember when Rus was about a hunting civ and how they relied upon Bounty? Do you remember when Rus actually had an identity?

Do you want to know what’s Rus problem and what makes them so OP?


Until they don’t fix the Kremlin, Rus will continue to be OP. This was a defensive zoning landmark. But with the absurd addition of Militia, they made the Kremlin a defensive, an offensive and a wildcard landmark.

What happens when most civs go all in? They either win or lose (or end up with an 80% chance of losing). What happens when Rus go all in? They don’t care. They use their Kremlin wildcard’s Militia and now all of a sudden can defend what would be their demise.
Do they need an extra (pseudo free) edge to overcome and finish their opponents? Don’t worry, Militia last forever and can not only defend, but attack too!

Did Rus over commit to a bad strategy? It doesn’t matter, they can easily recompose and change course while their mastercard’s Kremlin and Militia can back them up.

Are you looking for a zoning landmark for you vills to gather resources safely? A landmark to defend your base? A landmark that gives you free units? A defensive landmark? An offensive landmark? Look no further.
The Kremlin.
A landmark to rule them all.