Why are so few people playing abasid and no one even discussing him

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Abasid is cool civ, they got camel archers for food. Maybe players hate them cuz grey flag.

Because you spelled it wrong, search “Abbasid” instead of “Abasid” and you would see many more results


A lot but a long time ago

Holy Roman Empire at the start had gathering bonuses and warriors England had cheap archers and towers and warriors France had knights China had officials and jars and cheap Zhuge Russia had stronger wooden walls and knights
Mongolia they could always run away and cheap horse archers better resources at the beginning sheep and Islamic civilizations had the same berry efficiency but abbasid upgraded more slowly abbasid had cheap villagers and camels but camels needed 240 resources same as musketeers if there was no second town only 25 meat for 20 seconds and the second town took longer it was very unfair a lot of people felt that their favorite civilization needed to be strengthened but I think it’s a good idea to have a more powerful civilization. A lot of people think that their favorite civilization needs to be strengthened but I think they actually have a lot of 27 villagers at most in 7 minutes and if they prepare barracks they will be short of wood for the town and only 60 buildings in the golden age will increase resource production

Because Abbasids and Delhi, these beautiful empires of the past, are Muslim.

They’ve (both) already been properly “fixed” by Relic to become the worst civs.

Goodbye elephants and camels.


Before 10 minutes into a civilization having a better economy or better defense, better invasion or cheaper units, faster development, or more effective units abbasid has nothing I have played about 120 games played 100 games of abbasid I usually enter the second era in 5 minutes 30 to 6 minutes 7 minutes to 8 minutes for the second town 10 minutes to 12 minutes for the third era if others come to invade it will be even slower I usually keep 5 spears and 5 archers for defense

Other civilizations can build barracks near the enemy for a better attack but not abbasid because of the golden age so abbasid have long lines of battle usually the enemy team will cut them off in the middle if they wait for all units to depart it will be a long time and the enemy will have enough time to build defenses the palace of wisdom can usually withstand 5 cannons 4 attacks or 50 Chinese muskets 10 seconds In the 4th Age there are usually 4 Age buildings it takes about 1 minute to move the cannon and find the cannon mounting and about 1 minute to attack, if the enemy hides the Age buildings will take more time

I love it when the enemy is Abbasid. It’s easy to destroy them because they have only two landmarks right next to each other.


I think the issue is that its hard to see what there is to discuss with Abbasid.

They lack an obvious power move beyond the ability to make Mangonels and Springalds in the field - which Mongols, as best civ, already have.

If you want to feudal rush its probably archers and rams - and this just feels so much weaker than the equivalent from England because none of the Wings really help this style of play. Sure you don’t need the blacksmith and siege engineering - but England’s landmark is the equivalent of around 300 wood anyway.

I feel Abbasid is meant to be the boomer civ - with cheaper villagers, cheaper techs, along with cheaper and ultimately superior traders. Meanwhile you have a flexible combined arms late game approach with camels both buffing your own units and debuffing your opponents cavalry. Its just unfortunate that it doesn’t really feel like this is the case.

Its not like you can’t win games with Abbasid. Its just not clear the civ itself is giving you many tools. If you were going to focus on a civ, why choose this one?

Camels probably need a buff.

There are too many people playing other civilizations and very few people playing abbasid. A 4v4 game may have a lot of China, a lot of Britain and France, but abbasid is only me.

Abbasid are great on paper, its just that every other civ has a niche where they do better.

I think there are two areas where they shine:

  1. Quick dock boom on a hybrid map
  2. Feudal Ram Rush

The Golden Age mechanic feels extremly clunky for me. Other than that, as other people have said, Abbasid have no real power units to contest with other civ

Delhi at least still reign supreme in hybrid maps

Any pros to playing them?

Made me used to quickly turn from being irritable to calm