Why are Spirit Way and Great wall Gatehouse boni not visualized?

I’m talking about the thing where people glow and buildings get the orange zone. Why don’t Archers on a wall near the Gatehouse get the Glow when they have +50% attack? Instead the Glow is wasted on farmers near Granaries. Even if it has to be just one thing I’d choose the archers because that is useful as a marker to the enemy too.
I can see that the Imperial Academy is a better choice than the Spirit Way if it has to be just one, since it’s earlier therefore it will be used in more games, but why didn’t they choose both? It would be easy to distinguish if a building is affected by one or both because the Abbasid Dynasty’s indicator can differentiate between orange and white. If a building is affected by both, show both zones in orange. If only by one, show the active zone in orange and the other in white.