Why are there not hotkeys for "Select all Resource camps of a certain type"?

I think this is actually a really important hotkey set missing from the game. The reason is, when you use the “Select all …” hotkey, the screen doesn’t move. When you press a resource camp hotkey, the screen does, and because the only reason you usually select your resource camps is to research a tech, the screen shouldn’t be moving. I don’t need to know which resource camp most of the time, they aren’t really a priority for an attacker or anything, but I don’t want to jump away from an important fight to queue an eco upgrade, when I could queue that same upgrade without moving the screen. What do people think?


Strongly agree, was suprised when i didnt find it.

Did you go looking after I pointed it out?

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Nah refering to when i set up hotkeys about 2 years back 11

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I second that. Would indeed be useful for researching without distractions.

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In theory there are, it’s just that the Hotkey profile system in DE is trash.

Every unit and technology has a hotkey ID, but only some of them are actually implemented, and you can’t add new ones either, unless you somehow manage to edit the .hki files.
This is also the reason why some mods like Horde Survival don’t have hotkeys for trainable units. To make a unit which is trained in a building at Button 11 (bottom left corner), you’d also have to change one of your hotkeys to train a unit to Z if you want it to be consistent with DE hotkeys, because there aren’t any units that are trained at Button 11. And what’s even dumber is that you can’t use Technology hotkeys for units. If you give a custom unit which is trained at Button 6 the hotkey ID of Siege Engineers for instance, it doesn’t work.

@IkoKnight8151, I think this is a really important QoL improvement, can you pass it onto the team maybe?