Why are there STILL out-of-sync errors!?!

NOTHING, is more frustrating, than playing a match for 30 minutes and then the game out-of-sync error crashes. How on earth is this still happening. It makes this game nearly unplayable; why risk totally wasting your time due to sync error when you can just go play some other game that doesn’t have these problems. This game has been out for over a year, we shouldn’t still be having this issue.


This is a cheat, not an issue, report that player

This is partially true, but it is an issue that the game cannot identify who has used the cheat and kick just that player out of the game.

What?! The Sync Errors are intentionally due to one of the other players?! And if the “cheat” always results in out of sync, why would they do it? In quick matches even! Ugh.

because causing de sync crash means the player who did it counts as winner or a tie
never as a loss, old games made it so the player causing desyncs would always lose, 20 years ago

not correct. I have this issue with my friend, we play as a team against CPU… We are trying to figure out why we keep getting a sync error. obviously this is a flaw with how multiplayer works, and just some players abuse it.

A year ago I tried to play this game on linux and I got the desync error very frequently, but this doesnt mean there are not people using it as cheat…