Why can't I build a Siege Workshop?

I have two thousand wood.

I’m in the Castle and the Imperial age.

I’ve build stable, archery range, barracks, castle.

But when I select a villager and press ‘w’ the siege workshop button is greyed out?

What up with this?



Thx, this was driving me crazy.

As a tip - you should really be making a blacksmith in fuedal age! If you are waiting to do this until castle age (or even imp) then I think something is going wrong. Most units are really poor without upgrades. (eg, Elite skirms with bodkin arrow can take down Knights that have no armour upgrades).

Yeah irrespective of the need to have blacksmith for making workshop you basically always want to make a blacksmith in feudal age. Except maybe if you’re khmer but here you don’t even have the blacksmith requirement for siege workshop.