Why can't i click multiplayer anymore?

Logged in today to this? it is blanked out and i cant click it. I tried restarting Steam then PC then verify game files… Why do i have so many issues with this ■■■■ game. I just want to play multiplayer so i can lag out every second game because I’m on some foreign country server.

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Maybe you did got banned?

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Looking at the right side of the screen, it appears you have a “multiplayer suspension” for a few hours.

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What the ■■■■ they don’t even tell me what for

Cant you click on the text? Maybe it showed some explanation.

LMAO hilarious 20 char

I got banned for calling a kid a noob and leaving the game. They should put more energy into fixing the servers instead of stuff like this

the people fixing servers aren’t the same people who are monitoring that type of conduct though.