Why can't only Ottomans train heavy cavalry with area damage effects?

I noticed something today, the USA can raise a flock of heavy cavalry with high hit points and area damage from the tavern, but the Ottoman cannot raise its own special heavy cavalry.

Royal horsemen can be raised slowly and costly from the tavern, why would it be wrong to train Spahis in the fort? Up to 3 forts are currently being built and it takes a long time to rebuild after demolition.

Also, why can’t Sipahis be trained as SLOW, EXPENSIVE and LIMITED(10) when there are 10 types of cavalry in the game that have an area damage effect and can be trained?

List of trainable heavy cavalry with area damage effect:

Cuirasser, Iron Flail, Exalted Mahout, Royal Horsemen, Saxon cuirasser, War Elephant, Winged Hussar, Mounted Granadero, Tashunke Prowler, Mansabdar Mahout.


Lol I have been waiting for this post.


come on dude, it’s just not fair that the ottoman can’t raise his own heavy horsemen, the game balance concerns are unwarranted. france, america, china… they can train heavy cavalry but Ottomans can’t, this is a very bad comment.

Basically every unit ottoman has is amazing, spahi is a unit that just 3 of them can easily win a game. They should not be trainable.


Ottomans don’t need any buffs. Spahis are fine as they are.


same reason urumi cannot be trained, power spike unit. making spahi trainable has been a meme post for nearly the entire existence of aoe3

ya know what, just for the memes


This page shows cavalry with area damage effect that can be trained.

Just get merc contractor for age 3 mams outta the tavern if youre that desperate. Like, do you have any idea how absurd it would be to have a unit stronger than cuirassiers with only a 280 food cost??

you give evasive answers :smiley:


It is not true that cavalry cannot be trained while there are 10 types of trainable area damage effective heavy cavalry in the game.

ive been playing since 2005, but thanks i guess

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I didn’t want to offend you, but I want you to evaluate the 10 examples above and make a rational comment.

突厥很積極在爭取各種改動。AOE4 要求弓騎兵,AOE3 要求重騎兵。反而華夏只要有人提出意見就一定被回覆不需要改動。


Nobody wants to understand
I say it should be an area effective heavy cavalry game with the ottoman because he already has this unit, his passive healing ability should be removed, maybe his life points should be reduced, it should be trained slowly, expensively and in a limited way.

Cuirasser, Iron Flail, winged hussar, Tashunke prowler - All of these units are not as good as spahis.
AS for elephants they basically the only things indians get late game and they cost a ton of pop.
Ottomans don’t need any buffs, They get one of the best musks, good hussars, best grenadier, free workers, abus guns, better heavy cannons. They are already good no buffs needed thank you very much.

I dont believe anything anyone says will change your mind so it doesn’t feel worthwhile to discuss. Make a thread on trainable urumi while you’re at it, since they’re exactly the same unit availability.


Royal Horsemen :smiley:


They are not civ specific so that not the same thing, also they are really expensive and cost alot of pop

When I’m an expert on infantry I’ll talk about :sunglasses:, you will never want to understand that the only untrainable heavy cavalry is not right.

I said slow and costly and limited training, apparently no one respects opinions, you don’t even read it right.