Why can't we add not repeating chosen civs to random option instead of full random option

People are denying the idea that full random have the option to avoid the repetition of chosen civs, because it wont give different civs in the same team. And they wont admit random option won’t avoid repetition of chosen favorite civs after they have used all civs at least once.

Your topic title and message make barely any sense.

To make it easier for everybody else - here is the question.

“What is the difference between the options ‘Full Random’ and ‘Random’ when selecting civs in a lobby menu?”

And a second question.

“Is there any ‘memory’ of civ selection after one game finishes that would affect the Randon selection for next game?”

I already know the answer to these… And tried to explain them to the author in game. But he clearly has a different idea. So would be great if somebody else jumped in and helped him understand.

Definitely your perception lacks what does the AI of the present age of super laptops do. Not only they can memorize your achievements they also memorize which civ you picked, which civ is randomly generated, and even by the number of clicks that it does. If you have clicked all the civs except the civ koreans, it takes that into consideration and whenever you choose random it first gives you the korean civ.
And now the trouble starts you have successfully chosen all civs, the next civ chosen by considers to be your chosen civ if you repeat as many times as you want it keeps as a reminder that its your favorite civ. And when ever you choose random civ it wont avoid giving your favorite civ and besides that the probability increase to 8/10 matches approx. if you have chosen the only civ 20 times and rest all civs only one time.
But what will be the option “Full Random” here does is it will not consider your choices. If you read the description under Full Random it is clearly written your previous choices won’t be considered! That means although you have chosen a civ 20 times and rest all civs not even leaving anyone of them, that too one and only one time, it will just ignore your chosen civ/ favorite civ and give you the completely fully random civ. And that’s what I clearly stated in my “Title” and first note.
And this concludes the Random option is not what you expect to be @Simmo33k . Now I literally need the only answer can we get an interchange of this options? Full random to random and vice versa…

This is how the two options work.

Random: Civs are randomized among all players who select this option, and these civs are not repeated. If some players pick civs and other players go random, the random civs may repeat the picked civs. They just don’t repeat randomized civs.

Full Random: Each player can random any civ with repeats.

There is no “memory” of civ selection from game to game. However there do seem to be bugs with DE’s randomization where you can end up with streaks where the same civ comes up multiple times in a row (there was a patch that addressed similar issues with Monk conversions a little while ago, but I think similar issues still exist in various parts of the game, including civ selection).


Could you please explain the exact meaning of the sentence, that is clearly written in the top right corner and then let us discuss what are the options meant to be. I prefer it

to be simple and short.

What does the sentence’s exact meaning say? The sentence is like this “Previous civilization choices are not taken into consideration.” I want to know why exactly its written in full random option, why not in random option?

It’s an awkward way of wording it, but it means that it allows for repeats. If 8 players pick Full Random, there’s a chance all 8 get the same civ. If 8 players pick Random, they all get different civs.

There is no “memory” of civilizations from game to game.


Can you put it in one final sentence that describes the sentence that is clearly written? I get a perception that Microsoft creators don’t even know how to word their work. That misleads a lot of people without any data about what you meant to describe by a word awkward!

Not yet, but there will be, in online multiplayer.


Thanks for the clarity! But will it say there is no preference or choice registered too?

There are cases where we can use trigger to change civilization names and also color and play with a different civilization, so it may not have the memory of civilization, but I hope it must recognize the civilization actually picked or clicked while the game begins and register it.

Do you have a source for this claim?

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It’s in the PUP notes, I think.


Ah, thanks. Here it is.

The random civilization option now temporarily excludes the last three used civilisations from the randomization pool, creating a more diverse experience for the player.


I used malay civ for last 100 times for 9x tech now I play 10x shared, as many times as I take I get the hell out to malay.

Full random completely ignores all choices, that’s what I experienced and I known from what it is clearly stated in the image.

It’s an awkward way of wording it, but it means that it allows for repeats. If 8 players pick Full Random, there’s a chance all 8 get the same civ. If 8 players pick Random, they all get different civs.

There is no “memory” of civilizations from game to game.

Thanks a lot @TWest6709 - exactly the answer I was looking for and from a reputable source also. :wink:

@Pradyumna - This is exactly what I was trying to explain to you in the lobby… Would be nice to get an apology maybe? You were pretty rude to me and kicked me from the lobby even though what I was saying was correct.

In any case - I am happy that I was not going crazy!

You have an odd way of not reading the whole discussion, you picked up the discussion where @Apocalypso4826 not entered the discussion at all. Please look into the whole discussion. After reading the PUP notes @TWest6709 clearly said random civilization has a perception of last three played civilization, it ends the discussion that it may not memorize the civilizations but it considers the choices we played and also after his comment , read to my comments also.

I think you atleast consider @Apocalypso4826 as a more reputable person than @TWest6709 . So read his comments. And Full Random considers more matches of choices that we have picked than Random option. So I better consider Full Random.

Which one must be preferred to not pick civiliztions from previous matches? Random option or Full Random option?

  • Random
  • Full Random
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