Why can't we by AoE3 increase unit limit for custom matches like in AoE2?

Why can’t we by AoE3 increase unit limit for custom matches like in AoE2?

Hi, I am wondering, why is in AoE3 only option to have max 200 units?

I did play a lot of 3vs3 matches with no lag, so clearly the engine should be able to maintain something like 300 unit limit per player in custom 1vs1.


Because the devs seem to cater to sweaty pvp tryhards who DID NOT want custom game hosters to have fun…

and it seems they are going the same path with AOE4 having a limit of 200 pop apparently? yikes


It would ruin the balance because some civilisations houses can produce resources and others don’t.

That can be fixed by increasing pop provided by houses

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They can increase the pop support of houses proportionally. Also, balancing or competitiveness is not a thing when you deviate even a little from the standard matchup setting (pop limit, starting/ending age, etc.). So that’s no big problem (imagine Huns/Lakota with 500 pop limit).

It’s just that they haven’t done that yet.
But increasing pop limit for AOE3 is indeed harder because many units and buildings have build limits. Maybe these limits can be raised proportionally as well.


The people that would want to play 500 pop games are the ones who complain the most about Sweden or Japan being OP so just increasing the House limit doesn’t work.
Giving houses more population would also completely destroy balance because you now have to spend less wood, besides Sweden and Japan that would become unplayable.

Incas can’t even get to 200 population with houses alone they need to build TC.

The only easy solution would be Imperial Age Technologies that can be researched after Immigrants.

Not really…nobody would care about balancing with 500 pop, just like nobody cares about balancing of post-imperial starting.


Yeah no one really cares about balance for special setttings like that, if they did then Asian civs wouldn’t be garbage in DM


there are people who play for fun

Or simply tie up 300 unit limit to one of the last ages.
I mean Imperial Age does cost 4000 gold and 4000 Food.
Industrial Age Food 2,000 Coin 1,200

So why not tie up + 50 to Industrial Age and +50 to Imperial Age

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Yeah I would like to see an option to increase population cap in aoe 3 de
I think around 300-350 would be good

agreed, and it should be doable by tech and triggers to be easily moddable and available for custom scenarios and campaigns. for the strangest reason pop cap is hardcoded and is set to 250, it makes no sense at all.

build limits should also be easily modifiable through triggers and a tech flag, so we can have options like 150% build limits, or infinite build limits as game settings and in scenarios/mods.

Because the game is single threaded anything over 200 pop will bog down the engine. In 3v3 as it is the game slows down in large fights because of this.

I’ve messed around with the unhardcode patch to make a pop cap mod and allowing the ai to utilize the extra pop, and I could run 4-5k units just fine, even better than de 4v4 in-fact. the main problem was the ai script would sometimes go over the gb limit and crash the game but aside from attack move being more buggy than usual it was otherwise smooth, and I have an old processor in my gaming computer. aoe3 isn’t a cpu intensive game even with lots of units.

pop limit on de would be harder, but it would be due to graphic card and memory requirements, the cpu shouldn’t be a bottleneck with anything resembling a modern gaming processor. and if you are running the game on a 15 year old laptop you don’t have to increase the pop cap in the settings and continue using the default option.