Why cant we pick colour/position on quickplay?

Why cant we pick colour/position on quickplay?

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becoz there is a chance both side picking up the same color

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Quick play is meant to be quick. So there are no bells and whistles. It uses the minimal options to select before you are able to play the game. As result caring about color / position isnt quick. It is just about playing the game quickly. At least i suspect this is the reason.

For the same reason it also dont cares about rankings and balance teams or about the victory condition (it is just standard).

If you do care about those things (which most people do), then you can go to ranked. As result quick play is pretty much a big failure and no one really likes to play it. For RM games you are better off in ranked. Pretty soon we also get EW in ranked, so ranked will be the go to way to play EW as well. Untill then you are better off playing in the lobby for EW games. If you want BR games, then also go to the lobby. There is kind of no reason to play in quick play at all.

But you can pick your color in ranked, which is almost the same. The numbers are just divided over the teams. Team 1 gets the odd numbers. Team 2 the even numbers to pick from. As result there is no chance of picking the same color on both sides.

that s the point, i like using red but this is not determined as I usually only able to choose between team1 or team 2 color

One thing I DO like about quick play is that it has ‘standard win condition’ instead of conquest. As someone who doesn’t enjoy finding games in the lobby QP is fantastic if you want to try and win with relics or a wonder.

Well thing is, many don’t like tryhard civ picker so please don’t ruin quickplay now too, thanks

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Imagine thinking that people plays quickplay for that reason lmao

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I don’t see why picking colour/position would ruin quickplay. Sometimes you feel like playing pocket, others flanks, not being able to choose that is quite unbalanced because it all depends on rng.

AFAIK quickplay uses Unranked elo. I may be wrong.

I would like to bring that up again.

Ranked team game is a mess. Can we pick positioning in Quickplay plz? It would be a great encouragment for people to play quickplay instead of ranked.

So I played a quick play match 2 v 2 unranked today and one of the players managed to pick purple! Anyone have any idea how he might have done it?! It would seem that it is possible at least.