Why can't we see the entire map after resigning 1v1?

The replay system is broken and we have bugs for infinite stone and most likely more. Too many games feel like I’ve been cheated.
Granted, i’m not a top player(missing a hand, so i will never be able to compete at a top level), but when i kill 8+ vils in early Feudal and the enemy’s army and tower his gold, while untouched, pumping vils non-stop while making FB, I should have a very nice eco advantage.
I just don’t see how the guy i hit first while remaining untouched can come at me a few minutes later with 3x my army and a large amount of siege.
I’ve been playing AoE since 1997 and I have a pretty good sense for when something isn’t right.

What exactly is the purpose for not allowing a player to see the entire map and layout after resigning in a 1v1? This is how we caught cheaters in the old days.
Feels almost like you don’t want people to find cheaters.

That feature has been confirmed for upcoming patch.

Also cheaters are often using delete exploits atm, which should be findable in the postgame stat screen/charts by resource counts suddenly spiking.

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It’s coming in this week’s patch.

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