Why can't we zoom out more?

With each patch III DE is becoming a pretty cool game. There are some quirks that I guess you are working on. But I seriously miss one thing, the ability to zoom out more in the game? It would enhance the gameplay A LOT, as right now you have to waste a lot of time moving around the map. What would be the reason not to let us zoom out more as it would be fair and equal to all players?

The graphics are cool and all when zoomed in, but in real life the gamleplay is the most important part and that would be way better if we could zoom out 2-3x what is possible today.

DE has already increased the zoom out a lot from the original, which actually caused significant issues with visual clarity. Not to mention the other big problem, which is crashing people’s games due to the increased performance hit that goes hand-in-hand with increased zoom out. I think the devs would find it difficult to push zoom even further than it is now.

Yup, I returned to legacy few days ago, I forgot how zoomed in it was, I was so in shocked hahaha

Looks perfect on DE to me.

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