Why cavalry units cannot charge?

Typically, when cavalry units face infantry, foot units btw, they would do fastest charge/chase with one-hit, smash the enemy infantry army. Probably often cause chaotic slaughtering or being pushed back. Cavalry archers also can fire bows when riding. But in aoe2 there is no cavalry units can attack when chasing/charging on horsebacks (we sadly saw they must stop for doing any action) very disappointed.
Will and when Aoe2 devs fix that stupid nerfs?

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There is a mechanic for units to charge in the genie engine with the charge attack dealing 3x damage, but the units do not have charging animations. Even if if they did, players would abuse the charge attack with kiting mechanics because the delay for a normal and charge attack is the same, so it is not implemented in game.


You make me recall the abilities of heroes in AOE3.
But it is really hard to be implemented, and you can not let only cavalry have “charge”.
Infantry can get maybe “phalanx” or “square” to temporarily increase the melee armor and pierce armor.
Foot archers can “snipe” by temporarily increasing attack and slowing fire down, or “melee combat” by temporarily increasing melee armor and shortening the range.
Cavalry archers can get “Parthian tactics” as an ability that temporarily fire the closest enemy units automatically while no matter running or stopping.
So complex.


Its one of the many things that would have been awesome if it was in the game from the beginning but alas I doubt it will ever come now because that would essentially be a new game…

Guess you should try Total War games - where combat mechanics actually exists, unlike in here. I can see these mechanics being exploited as f - cavalry kitting like one guy mentioned (this actually happened in real life tho, there’s one specific battle that took place during the siege of Antioch, first crusade) and messing phalanx, shieldwall, etc.


That’s the whole point honestly.

@chrislong9320 : If you don’t like the mechanics of AoE2 just go and play another game. There are enough out there with cavalry charge mechanics. AoE2 is just not the place for that…

AoE2 wants to be a good real time strategy game with some accurate historical flavor, not a highly precise simulation of medival warfare.


There was stuff like that planned in the AoK beta, as well as square formations for pikes. All of this was scrapped because the testers didn’t like it.

If it is possible in genie engine, can you plz make a mod with the charge option? I would be really interested to test it out.
Maybe we can use the concept to make new unique units! :slight_smile:

I noticed that when i want to snipe or focus (maybe a monk or some siege unit) and i press attack my units wont go after my command but instead they will spread and attack whatever they like. This is so dumb i mean im clicking like a retard and they just wont do what i want.

I actually suggested this in another thread I started for a Polish unique unit Winged Hussar for a future Polish civ. A unique Unit with the ability to charge. But since I am no coder I have no idea how that would actually be implemented… cool idea though.

Yea noticed this a lot too. Its definitely a DE thing units just don’t behave as they should a lot of the times. I wish they fix it soon :frowning:

I probably could, I’ll just have to make the units’ special animation the attack one too. We won’t be able to tell the difference between a normal attack and a charge one though I think.

Cavalry charging has never been an AoE2 thing and it would change the core gameplay too much to implement it widely across all cavalry units. Such a feature would be far more than a quality of life improvement and would change the whole game.

Good job! 'nuff said.

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