Why did relic get to make this game

Company of heroes is a completely different type of rts along with all their other games that suck, so why are they making the sequel to one of the most classic strategy series of all time?


First of all, there are not a lot of studios making RTS with both the manpower and experience to pull of a project like this.

Relic has both, they have been one of the big names of the genre since 1999 and are among the studios with the most consistent track records in the genre (both in critical acclaim and financial success).

Seems pretty straightforward to me.


I wonder why Creative Assembly wasn’t picked up.

Halo Wars 2 looks really nice and they have a very big experience with historical games.

I prefer Relic than creative assembly to be honest…


They’re one of the few big studios still making rts anymore, also plenty of their games are classics, like CoH or DoW 1

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there really arent many alternatives to Relic, who else would make it? Eugen? Firaxis? Blizzard?

the only realistic other option is to basically make an entirely new studio (or seriously buff up FE) which would have delayed the project even further and made it more expensive to boot.


I dont care who makes the game. As long as its going to be good.

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who else could make it?

Damn, we shoulda got Blizzard to make AoE4, if only for the hilarity that would ensue when it inevitably turns into a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  shitshow :joy:

Dammit I miss Ensemble Studios.


Gee its like one cares about who makes it because it affects quality
Sometimes you really havr to wonder when someone throws out brain dead platitudes

Ultimately its IP of Microsoft. So whatever quality control is ultimately up to MS. (before you ask further, it’s how it works when you contract a company to do something for you, you ultimately tend to have the last word in how things end up being, source: worked as a software contractor)


I neither liked HW2 nor am I enjoying AOE4 (Yes I got into the closed beta) and this is coming from a guy who LOVES HW1 (still occasionally playing it) and AoE2 (have all the DLC for it)

I just feel like companies nowadays do the bare minimum. The arrows on the Khan still come out from the body instead of the bow itself. It looks so dumb XD


HW2 gameplay wasn’t that great imo

Yeah Im sure bill gates is carefully monitoring ever last sabot shape and integer value on this
almost pissed myself laughing that you thought an anecdote would make this believeable

Bill Gates himself probably isn’t monitoring much of anything. He left the board of MS a while ago. So maybe do a bit more reading before you post 11

CoH2 is one of the best RTS of all times.

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that not true not at all. Coh 2 still got a strong comunity.

There are 1000 types of RTS games. Being famous for one specific series doesn’t mean these developers are not able or capable of making something different.

Despite MANY questions marks and worries surrounding art style, value for money, content and features included etc. AoE IV seems to be a solid game and even in beta is a fun experience with it’s own style and idea how to present RTS classic gameplay in the year 2021.
Yes Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III was one of the worst things since 9/11 but there’s a lot of things that go into game making and even more- decision making and with all issues related to huge corps like MS- based on treating of AoE series in past decade I value Microsoft a lot and I’m much more confident about IV performance than if it would be published by SEGA or, God forbid, Square-Enix.

People usually mention CoH(2) but for me- DoW1 and DoW2 are absolutely top-tier classic titles and even these two more than make up for all DoW3-related tragedy.
Played CoH3 beta and it’s also very promising.

I still have favorable view of Relic. They are nowhere near fallen dev studios like BioWare. Also as mentioned- PC strategy market is big and there’s a lot of Dev teams but it’s mostly III (tripple i for indy) -AA-sized groups.

I don’t think Ubisoft would let Microsoft use their ANNO team…

“with the most consistent track record” we are talking about the guys that made dawn of war 3 here lol.

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DoW III is a single game. Company was established in 1997.

You expect people to never make anything subpar in quality?
Also as disappointing as DoW III is- it’s not a butchered game, it’s just not the right game, not something people wanted and was designed in a way to was off-putting for many core groups.
General direction was an issue, execution was a secondary matter. Not trying to lift blame from studio execs and other internal important figures, just saying that they didn’t blew something great- DoW III that was released was a doomed concept from the start.