Why did they add magic to the game?

I understand it’s hard to invent new traits for each new civilization but why are we adding this magic crap and ruining the game with these new civs?! People that don’t want to buy the new civs are at a huge disadvantage now and they are quitting the game. It’s so stupid to have the horse lightning attack or the magical poles healing and other crap they do. Why couldn’t the devs use their brains better instead we get these new bullsh*t civs that make old people quit the game.


What the hell are you talking about ?


horse lightning attack? you mean the Burgundian unique unit? it’s there to simulate a cavalry charge. and frankly the unit is lacking outside of that.
as for the poles healing stuff - it’s hardly the only unit that has healing and guess what? if you want to play the best civs in the game they still come with the base game.


Healing is magic? Then Berserks had “magic” since the game’s launch :slight_smile:

Actually a few spells and flying units would make Age 2 quite fun :rofl:


Age of Kings vanilla is the game version for you.


The berserker’s regeneration has been in the game since CD AOK :wink:

Makes me think that if an elephant is charging you, the best way of dealing with it is singing “wololooo” until the elephant changes colour


Developers are indeed not so great at civ design to say the least, however that’s far from integrating magic, I would be surprised if we’re going to end up with an AOM level kind of magic.

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Regardless of his opinion, Flemish Revolution needs to be gone

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Lol… like other people says there is literally no difference between poles vills and vikings UU that are present since 1999…

I mean, if you are one of the people that thinks that the game shouldn’t have any change since the AoC then just don’t buy DE.

As for the player base frankly you are just funny… I don’t actually think that aoe2 have ever had such a solid player base than now.


Save it for Age of Mythology

Like how archers are upgraded to crossbows or get new armor without returning to the Archer range or blacksmith to be re-equipped or how getting war galley transforms your ships.


This is indeed shocking after playing a game with a real logistics system, like HOI4.

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You can develop a mod to implement those features :wink:

Haha, the monks wololo-ing riderless elephants and converting the eles to their religion.

Sicilian Don Jon is also a game changer

You know what is magic, or gamechanging?

Not needing houses. The wood saved would just be crazy. And that without talking about the convenience of never being housed, or to never have to idle your vills to build houses.

I mean, that would be a bonus that changes one of the core mechanics of the game, and it would be magical since where does 200 people would live???

Such civilization would be crazy and OP for sure…

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You could maybe train an elephant to do various actions without a rider. The thing that impresses me is the enchanted siege weapons, moving, aiming, firing, and reloading without any humans in sight. That’s either magic or some very advanced robotics.

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TheBreakEmOff, played vs newest civs and lost


Get 50 archers. Click aim shoot. unplug internet. plug back in. click aim shoot. unplug internet. plug back in. repeat. (DO NOT UNPLUG INTERNET FOR MORE THAN 5 SECS. SHOULD BE 1-2 SECS.)

:rofl: lol. Yeah, you have a point that archers can be strong, but keep in mind that they also get wrecked pretty often in pro games…

Archer weaknesses:

  • Hard-countered by Skirmishers.
  • High-risk of getting erased by Mangonels.
  • Slow moving, can get trapped by Knights.
  • Can’t do much to stop cavalry raids into your economy.