Why did you do this? loading_slash_alt.png

What were you thinking when you decided to make this perturbing alternative launcher logo appears instead of the original one out of 100 times? I don’t know if it’s more disturbing the main face or the fact that it’s appears 1 out of 100/500 times…

He stares into your soul when you cut straggler trees or when you get your vills massacred because you forgot loom.


Maybe one of the easter eggs?

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Would be fun if Viper’s version would also be sometimes displayed


It’s 50% tribute to HD and 50% a joke to play with our minds


Oh my god, this just happened to me late at night after several gaming hours

I freaked out and I had to go to the game files to see if another loading screen existed

Found it, and found this thread

Nice prank, I guess

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Looks like a good one for a creepypasta…
(Cursed version of AOE2 DE).

I saw this several times and i think its not random and happens in some specific situations. maybe its related to something in campaign scenarios.

in other word its an easter egg.