Why do African civs get Minor Civs unit upgrades for free?

I realized that African civs do not have access to the Legendary Natives upgrade and that their Natives, both those on the map and those acquired by aging up with Alliances, seem to upgrade for free.

If you get a TP while at Imperial Age, the units in there will be fully upgraded, saving you time and a total of 1500 food, 2100 wood and 450 coin (more if there are multiple Natives).

I did not find any info on this.

Is this supposed to be an African feature or is it a way to make Natives more relevant in the game?
Would that be applied to other civs as well?

I allied with Berbers as Russia and had to pay for the upgrades, so nope.

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I think it only applies to the minors you age up with.

Nope all of them, It’s not just natives it’s artillery and crossbowman (for ethiopia).

But that’s the perks of african civs they pay less for unit upgrades anyway.