Why do I have the lowest score?

Can anyone tell me why I have such a low score?

Here, I have 183. The guy with the highest score has the same age2 time, slower age3, less %map, lower research count. What.

Git gud?

I don’t know any official source, however there are some posts claiming that the score is based mostly on the amount of resources spent on tech. See for example:

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I read on Reddit that Society score was based on resources spent on landmarks, with Abassid getting the lowest score and China getting the highest as a result.

I wouldn’t mind someone explaining the whole scoring system if someone has done testing to figure it out.

Yea this sounds about right to me too. I was indeed playing Dehli. I don’t think this makes sense though. You should still get points for upgrading the same as everyone else. Not because I want to have points because I clicked a button, but because if you are trying to figure out who is ahead at some moment in the game, you need to have the score reflect that, right? (for example, tournaments)

I guess for now you can just assume that the Dehli player should have an additional idk 1000 pts for every 20 minutes of game time that has passed.