Why do I have to play rdm civ?

Or just don’t group random and civ pick together… The simple solution is to ask the player what he wants when he queues, random, or civ pick, and do not match him with players who have different preferences. Problem solved, everyone is happy. No one has argued that a minority should rule.

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I agree

We have some options for compromise in the design of the system though. I’d argue that the current system is pretty good. Certainly it’s a better compromise than a system which forces everyone to go random civ every game, and I think it’s better than the old system.
Though I do agree with @SwaggyOP it would be nice if QuickPlay was reworked to actually be ranked and feature the old random civ voting mechanic (interpreting his words slightly creatively).
Also it would be nice if there was a map in the 1v1 pool which forces random civ when selected, but that’s just my opinion.

People just don’t give a ■■■■ when u tell them to removethe rdm civ. Ur like the rdm pickers are the ones that care.

I feel like the ‘problem’ here is that more players want to play random civ than players who want to pick Britons, Franks or Khmer every single game. Which is not a problem, actually… it’s just a fact.

Random civ play has been pretty normalised on every ranked ladder before DE was released. The game has a 21-year-old culture of random civ play, probably because it keeps things fresh and it’s enjoyable for some players to improvise and discover new things along the way.

If you look at it with a long-term view, playing random civ gives you an advantage in the game once you are more familiar with each tech tree, because it allows you to better predict what opponents will do. It’s supposed to be a learning experience that expands your understanding. Literally nobody breaks 2k+ elo in their first year of playing, because civ knowledge is crucial to improving your play and takes a long time to develop.

Only since there has been an ““esports”” presence are new players coming to the game who huff and moan about the supposed “tyranny” of not being able to pick civ in what probably amounts to less than half their games. Just in my opinion – if you hate dealing with other players that much, stick to 1v1s!


The only thing i care about is i get a pocket civ when im pocket and a flank civ when im flank, because now ■■■■ gets unbalanced with stupid civs. and as i said you dont have to pick a civ, go rdm urself. Everyone is free to have there own choice, but don’t cry about “tyranny” when ur against frank or brit.

It is the civ pickers who moan and cry about ‘tyranny’. Besides, good players will clap you with Korean pocket & Bulgarian flank. Try to focus on your own play and improve instead of obsessing over others’ choices, the game is supposed to be fun :wink: