Why do I have to play rdm civ?

What is this new update where others can decide u have to play rdm or not? I don’t want to play rdm civ so then i just resign. Now got banned for 24h for resigning in a game i don’t want to play. Just let everyone who wants rdm go rdm, but don’t force me into it.


There is this awesome thing where you vote on a topic, and the majority gets to decide. I think its called democrazy or something.


Others want to play random civ games where everyone goes random, like they used to play before DE. Random civ was the standard for most games.

Before the latest patch 1 civ picker forced his option to all. In the latest patch this is luckilu changed to majority. So the majority decides if the game will be pick civ or random civ.


Because with the old update people had to pick civ to not be at disadvantage and even one person on a group of eight could decide for them


It’s good that random-civ players have a way to play random. But forcing everyone in the lobby to play random is literally the worst way to do this. As usual devs create a new problem instead of making a proper matchmaking.

You know what next update we should also add an option to enable cheat codes, if the majority of the lobby agrees. It’s still democracy after all. Maybe some people will not want to play this kind of games and leave but we can always introduce sanctions to punish this toxic behavior.


In custom lobbies, this actually is a thing.

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Yeah, this is democracy after all. Guaranteed to have a group not happy about the result. No matter what dev doing, there will always be complaints.

At this point I am not sure which direction they’d go. Group random civ picker together? Then people gonna complain about waiting time. Back to old one? Then one guy decides everyone’s fate. Majority vote? People like the OP won’t be happy.



Difference is, in lobbies you can actually leave if the options are trash or don’t suit what you want to play


You must did something else wrong. Resign once will not get you banned. Sometimes I resign too, I have never gotten banned for even once.
I know some team killers only got banned for 12h. How come you got banned for 24h just for resign ?

The devs just listen to requests from the users. Not sure why that is a bad thing. This feature was requested by multiple users in the past. It me it makes much more sense that the majority determines if the game is pick civ or random civ compared that one civ picker will over rule everyones opinion. I even think if it is 50:50, then it is still pick civ. So the opinion ‘pick civ’ still has higher priority then the opinion ‘random civ’.

Can you tell me the last time frame in which ‘cheat enabled’ was the standard setting in competative play? I would guess the answer: Never. That is the main difference… Random civ was de default setting for most games pre-DE. Random civ was the to go meta before DE. DE changed this. This same reasoning isnt applicable for ‘enable cheats’.


As a random picker, I love when the India/Khmer pickers get spanked.


OP is definitely wrong to resign instantly, and I myself do like to play random civs. But something could be said for changing the way ‘Prefer Random Civs’ works to the following:

Everyone gets a random civilization if the majority of players in the match picked ‘Prefer Random Civs’ AND at least half of the players in each team picked ‘Prefer Random Civs’. This way, picking random civilizations feels like more of a team decision, and it is something you could discuss prior to the start of the game.


If you dont like the fact that if 5/8 players want to play random, that you leave queue, then play with a lobby.

Welcome to Voobly boy 11

Id your whole team don’t go random then there’s no random. Before this patch was super unfair. I was playing against the same civs all the time

The correct fix for this would be to make balance changes so that some civs aren’t so obviously better than others that players aren’t at a disadvantage if they want to go random. After all, even with full random, some players can still end up with the civs that would “force” all other players to pick strong civs to compete with them.

To expand on this, I feel forcing people to play a random civ is unfair because it means you have to learn 1225 matchups rather than 35, which is huge barrier to becoming able to play the game. It’s bad enough having the map pool change as often as it does. It basically limits the game to people who want to play for huge numbers of hours each week.


That makes no sense, if a large number of people exist that want to play something then you should give them the option to queue for this even though you don’t consider it “standard”. Let me take an other example. RM is the default competitive setting right ? Then why are we not merging DM and RM queues and let people vote in the lobby whether it’s RM or DM, for the sake of reducing queue times even more.

By trying so hard to minimize queue times we are mixing people who are not interested in each other’s game mode which is a much bigger problem than queue times. Random civ is a huge gameplay change compared to picking 1 civ. It should be something you ask the players before matchmaking them together, not after.


Well if we had to listen to the people who want to pick only 1 civ and people who want to play arabia 100% of the time, we would have a 30 minutes queue times for every one… The playerbase is not big enough to do that.

Dev had three bad option: allow civ pick, force random or make a vote. None of these choice is perfect. But they took the best of them: democracy.

  • now, i face 35 different civ. Not only 10.

I would go with unlimited map bans and an option for (Civ-pick only, random-only, no preference). I’m pretty sure you’re wrong and queue times would stay the same. People could always queue up for everything and have exactly the same queue time.

The really big issue is that devs seem to not want to spend time implementing a proper matchmaking and keep adding bandaids to the current one instead…


This forum: I hate how every game is the same, playing the same civs all the time :sob::sob::sob:

Also this forum: ewww random? No I want to pick my civ :rage::rage::rage:


I used to play Rocket League. You wanna play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, rumble mode? hoops? You can!
But guess what…if not many others want to play it, then loonngggg waiting times for you to find a match. But this made everybody happy!

If this “democracy” thing forces modes HALF the community doesn’t want, then it’s not a good decision.

SO…how about they make a “random civ” rank queue and a “pick a civ” one?
That way, both sides can whine about wait times, and I will be happy picking civs I want to play. I’m happy to wait longer for a match if it means not being forced into a random civ battle where you get #$^&#$ civ matchup. BUt hEy THaTs mORe FUn rIGhT???

People go random because 1. they are bored (from playing too much or too high skill and tired of facing try hards…guess what, that’s what ranked is all about) 2. people want random to make an excuse if they lose because of the civ matchup.