Why do Khmer lose bombard cannon?

Why exactly was it removed? It’s a late-game unit. This nerf seems overblown. You may need to buff the Khmer in some other way if you plan to keep the bombard canon unit out of their tech tree over it.

Khmer are a Post-Imperial powerhouse civ, and this nerf may tip the balance to them being very weak unless they have an ally with bombard cannons of their own.

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Khmer OP deathball. People complained about, and asked for nerfs, so they got a nerf.

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I suppose. Even without bombard canons they still have much better siege than someone like the Huns who only can upgrade rams in their siege workshops.


Ironic since they are classified as a siege and elephant civilization. Now they have the siege tech tree of about half the civs.

Slavs are also a Siege civ, yet have no BBC. Bombard Cannon is more for Gunpowder civs, than Siege civs.


It’s technically both a siege and gunpowder unit.

It is, but it is more for civs that have a Gunpowder focus, like the Italians, than for civs with a Siege focus.

Yeah I guess because a 15% discount on the most expensive unit in the game was too much or else they would probably get it.

Also 19 civs get bombard cannon. So the majority of civs have bombard cannon. It’s not an uncommon unit that gunpowder focused civs have.

Also pretty sure bombard cannons were not a huge issue until recently where their eco can afford siege rams, elephants, and bombard cannons all in the same game. If their eco wasn’t as good then you couldn’t make all these high damage output but high cost units all at once.

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In AOK/TC, the civs with the best scorpions (Celts, Chinese) didn’t have bombard cannons because the lack of it balanced their stronger scorpions. Having bombards would be powerful as they counter onagers, the easiest counter for mass scorpions. You have to at least rely on your allies in a team game if you want to rely on bombard cannons instead of doing it all by yourself.

It was odd that Khmer had bombard cannons in the first place given their strong scorpions and UU.


Well faster firing bombard cannons with siege engineers seem really strong if Celts got it. I mean with that range you could abuse it. Scorpions don’t have slow but high damage output and long range attack like bombard cannons. They aren’t really used for the same thing. Also in AOK the scorpion only had 5 range while bombard cannon has 12. The best counter to scorpions is onager but bombard is decent as well. Khmer don’t have a bonus that would make bombard cannons way too strong and are a siege civ.

I find it more odd that they have arbalests than bombard cannons. Actually on release khmer didn’t get arbalests. The only 4 civs in the game that are classified as siege civs are slavs, khmer, Celts, and Ethiopians. Ethiopians also are classified as archer civ so that makes sense while Celts and Slavs have infantry focus and Khmer is elephant focused. Khmer should lack arbalests like Celts and Slavs.

Furthermore out of the 4 Rajas civs (which all have that have tanky strong elephants) only Khmer has siege ram. The problem was always their eco was so bad because they never had an eco bonus to make use of all their weapons. Now they have an amazing eco and are destroying. So instead of remove bombard cannon which fits their theme of slow but strong why not remove arbalests?

And none of those have BBCs. Siege civs do not get BBCs as a rule.

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Ethiopians do fyi. 20 characters

Best scorpions in the game, elephants, scorpions that aren’t squishy because they have an elephant below them, and siege rams. That’s still quite a lot of good stuff. People that played a lot more than I did vs Khmer told me that I was wrong to say they didn’t need a nerf and turns out the dev agreed with them 11

What isn’t ironic is that their UU is a both an elephant and a siege unit.

While still being the only “siege” civ to have a siege UU.

But in AoK they benefited from blacksmith range upgrades and had a 0 frame delay. I let you imagine the result.

Myself I don’t think there is a rule that says siege civ = BBC or no BBC. However, Khmer likely didn’t use gunpowder like the Slavs from the Kievan Ru’s. Scots did use cannons, but since the Celts in game are more based on Braveheart than real life 11


Even without bombard cannon Khmer remain a powerhouse civ in imperial battles. The problem was that oftentimes the only way to counter Khmer deathball was going halbedier and onager but then the Khmer player would add bombard cannons which also had siege engineers. Having that much flexibility in late game unit compositions backed up by a great economy was just too much for closed maps such as hideout. They still have elephants, cavalier, hussar, arbalest, siege ram, scorpions, halbs. I don’t see how that is supposed to be a weak imperial army.


You don’t need BBC as Khmer. It’s really nice, but you have FU Hussar for that.

They also good good Arbalest (no thumb ring, otherwise FU so still good in masse), and a fantastic tech tree. Even an okay navy.

They have really good options. I’m gonna miss BBC but they still have good, strong options.

Extra range Scorpions are strong vs Onagers as well; they almost counter each other. I’d guess cost wise they’re close.

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Tbh it would be nice if they could get Shipwright back, because I don’t get the reason it was removed for them.