Why do people complain about the difficulty of AI?

When it’s meant to be difficult. The simple solution is to lower the difficulty. Why do people complain about expert AI or whatever?

In fact, I want AI that’s literally impossible to beat without cheating. An AI that has infinite resources and their units have bonus stats. So you’re forced to use cheats to defeat it or in some scenario map with heavy triggers.

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i don’t think there are many threads on aoe2 ai anymore
or even 3 based on this forum activity


Have you tried using the “new” Handicap function to boos the AI?


i did personally, good luck beating that

I recall seeing some on the steam forums and various other places.

in fairness to threads that are around, they’re outnumbered and outclicked by any post on aoe4 ai, so as far as i can tell, aoe2 and 3 are in good place atm

Why would you want an unbeatable AI without cheats? It sound not smart nor fun…

Anyway, It seems to me noone is complaining in this forum about this supposed issue atm

You should ask the people complaining about the AI why they are complaining about the AI rather than asking the community generally.

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That is genuinely stupid. The purpose of an AI in the game should be as a training opponent, or someone to play against if you don’t want/aren’t able to play MP. Write this as a custom AI if you want it, but wanting an AI that only cheats is ridiculous for the base game, cheating should never be encouraged, it’s pointless.